The war has just started in 'El-Brince' series


Thu, 30 Apr 2020 - 03:03 GMT

El-Brince series - Social media

El-Brince series - Social media

CAIRO - 30 April 2020: Famed star Ahmed Zaher caused a state of suspense about the upcoming events of the series “El-Brince” costarring Mohamed Ramadan.

Zaher uploaded a picture uniting him with Ramadan on his official Instagram account, commenting, “The war has just started!”



The events of the sixth episode of the series, broadcast on the DMC and DMC DRAMA channels during the holy month of Ramadan, witnessed the attempt of Fathi [Ahmed Zaher] to sit with his brothers to convince their younger sister Nora [Reem Sami] that they were joking when they thought about murdering Radwan el-Brince [Mohamed Ramadan].

Nevertheless, Nora managed to reach Radwan el-Brince and inform him of the murderous plot his siblings set for him, asking him to look out for himself and his family. Radwan, however, did not take the news seriously.

Radwan el-Brince went to his wife’s family house, to reconcile with his wife Lubna [Naglaa Badr]. On their way back home, he told Lubna that he will break his father’s will, in order to be able to give his siblings their rights. This gained Lubna’s liking.

The series revolves around Radwan el-Brince, whose character is embodied by star Mohammed Ramadan. Radwan works as a plumber in his father's workshop. He finds himself responsible for his family after the death of his parents, which results in problems with his six siblings.

The series is written and directed by Mohammed Sami. The series stars Mohamed Ramadan, Nour, Ahmed Zaher, Rogina, Naglaa Badr, Edward, Donia Abdel Aziz, Abdel Aziz Makhyoun, Reem Sami, Salwa Othman, Mohamed Alaa, Safa el-Toukhy, Mohamed Hatem, Rehab el-Gamal, Hazem Ehab and Ahmed Dash. It is produced by Synergy.



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