Nelly Karim renews contract with El-Adel Group


Thu, 22 Jun 2017 - 11:14 GMT

Le A’ala Se’aar Series - Official Poster

Le A’ala Se’aar Series - Official Poster

CAIRO – 22 June 2017: Renowned actress Nelly Karim has renewed her contract with El-Adl Group, television producer Gamal el-Adl said Tuesday, to offer a new soap opera for Ramadan 2018.

The contract renewal comes as a result of the booming success of Karim’s latest series “Le A’ala Se’aar” (“To the Highest Price”), airing this Ramadan. The series is El-Adl Group’s latest production and their fourth collaboration with Karim, who for the past few years has become a regular superstar in the annual Ramadan drama race.

This year's series tackles a subject that the majority of the audience can relate to: the betrayal of people and how eventually almost everyone will let you down. Gamila and Layla are best friends for most of their lives, but there is an internal jealousy that exists between them.

In addition to Karim, “Le A’ala Se’aar” stars Ahmed Fahmy, Zeina, Nabil el-Halafawy, Salwa Mohamed Aly and Mai Kassab, among others. The series is written by Medhat al-Adel and directed by Muhammad al-Adel. It is dedicated to the late Sami al-Adel in the opening and closing credit; a loyal gesture to the Adel brother, and former third partner, who passed away last year.



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