Why are Egyptian series ‘El-Nehaya’, ‘El-Ekhteyar' trending on Twitter?



Sun, 26 Apr 2020 - 02:32 GMT


Sun, 26 Apr 2020 - 02:32 GMT

File - "El Nehaya" and "El-Ekhteyar".

File - "El Nehaya" and "El-Ekhteyar".

CAIRO – 26 April 2020: Egyptian series "El Nehaya" (The End) and "El-Ekhteyar" ( The Choice) managed to grab the audiences' attention since the first episode and are trending on Twitter.

The hashtag #Sahar el-Saigh is the number one trend, while #Amr Abdel Geliel is trending number 3.

This came after the brilliant performance both actors presented in the first Egyptian science fiction series "El-Nehaya".

In the second episode Aziz (Amr Abdel Geleil) discovered that Sabah (Sahar el-Saigh) is making a clone robot of her lover Zain (Youssef el-Sherif), who married another woman.

She conveyed the grief of loneliness and loss of the only kind man she met and loved sincerely in a dazzling way.

This touching scene reached its peak when Aziz told her that she should love another man and that he married the other woman because it was their destiny to be together. Sabah replied, "I need him more than she does. I am alone in this world; if I don't speak, people will not realise I exist." The performance of Saigh and Abdel Geliel in this scene was unique and natural.

Unlike other actresses, Saigh doesn’t care for the looks; she doesn’t wear make up like most Ramadan actresses, the matter that added more credibility to the scene and every word she spoke.

Abdel Geliel, the incredible talent, provided pure and smooth performance when playing Aziz, who was puzzled and torn between helping her to make the clone robot, which is illegal and may harm the world, and sympathizing with his miserable girl, Sabah.

Since the first episode of "El-Nehaya", we found ourselves watching a new type of drama not only in the Egyptian drama, but in the Arab drama as well. Being the first Egyptian and Arab science fiction series, the series used the latest techniques.

The leading production company, Synergy, stands behind this massive production that is taking the Egyptian drama to a different level.

Youssef el-Sherif embodied brilliantly the role of engineer Zain, who cares about the energy problem that will hit the world in 2120, the year the series' incidents are taking place.

The series predicts the Israeli state’s destruction. In the first episode, engineer Zain spoke with his students about the war to liberate Jerusalem,which took place less that 100 years after Israel’s founding in 1948.

In 2019, CEO of United for Media Services Tamer Mursi signed a contract with megastar Youssef El-Sherif to produce El-Nehaya. The promo of the much-anticipated series garnered thousands of views and managed to grab worldwide attention, with several international media outlets writing about the series which uses the latest international techniques but manages to preserve its Egyptian spirit and taste.

Co-starring with El-Sherif are Amr Abdel Geliel, Ahmed Wafik, Nahed El-Sebaie, Sahar el Saygeh among others. "El-Nehaya" is written by Amr Samir Atef and directed by Yasser Samy.

The much-anticipated series witnessed the comeback of Sherif after a two-year hiatus since his last series Kafr Delhab. El Nehaya, produced by Synergy, will screen exclusively on WATCH iT! and ON TV channels.

The hashtag #El Mansy- The Legend comes in the second place among Twitter trends because of the national epic series "El-Ekhteyar", which tells the story of the Egyptian army Legend, Ahmed el-Mansy, that we all love, admire and respect but know nothing about his family, friends, personality or morals.

Mansy was the commander of the Thunderbolt Forces who was killed during the clashes between Egyptian army forces and militants as the army besieged groups of terrorists and foiled attacks that targeted a number of other checkpoints in the Rafah area in North Sinai in 2017.

"El-ekhteyar" introduces us to the human being deep inside this exceptional hero and why he was a Legend.

As the first episode of "El-ekhteyar" was very strong, the second continued in the same path, tackling more the human side of Mansy.

The second episode housed a notable group of stars as guests of honor such as Eyad Nassar, Amr Gamal, Salah Abdallah, Maged el Masry and Asser Yassin.

"El-ekhteyar" series is written by Baher Dewidar, directed by Peter Mimi and produced by Synergy. Amir Karara, Dina Fouad, Hanan Youssef, Dina Adel, Ahmed Fouad Selim co-star in addition to notable guests of honor such as Eyad Nassar, Mohamed Emam, Salah Abdallah , Mohamed Ragab, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Asser Yassin among others.

Producing these two series, Synergy started a new era in the Arab drama production that will compete with the European and American productions.



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