Egypt's Min. of Tourism and Antiquities organizes its first guided video tour at the Egyptian Museum


Fri, 10 Apr 2020 - 03:31 GMT

File - Egyptian Museum.

File - Egyptian Museum.

CAIRO - 10 April 2020: Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities organised its first guided video tour at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir on April 9.

The first guided video tour was presented by the two Egyptians tour guides Fatma Abdala and Walid Al-Batouty and produced by Media Hub group.

The tour highlighted two artifacts which are the Colossal statue of King Akhenaten and the Head of his wife Queen Nefertiti.

This colossus of Akhenaten is carved of sandstone. It is one of a series that represents the King that once stood in front of the pillars of a temple to the god Aten just east of Karnak.

It depicts the king holding the crook and the flail, symbols of kingship. They are characteristic of the early reign of Akhenaten, representing him with exaggerated features including narrow shoulders, a prominent belly, full hips, thin arms, and a very distinctive long face with a long nose, narrow, oblique eyes, and full lips.

Although unfinished, this quartzite statue of Nefertiti is remarkable. It was discovered in the workshop of Thutmose, a sculptor in Akhetaten (modern Tell al-Amarna), who must have been a master of his craft. The statue bears the powerful queen’s elegant features.



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