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Somaya el-Khashab sends thank-you message to Egyptian doctors, nurses, paramedics

Thu, Apr. 9, 2020
CAIRO - 9 April 2020: Famed Egyptian actress Somaya el-Khashab sent a thank-you message to all the doctors, nurses and paramedics for their efforts in fighting the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Khashab said in a video on TikTok, "Thanks to the heroes. Thank you to all the doctors, nurses and paramedics, who are putting their lives at risk and exposing themselves to danger for us. May God protect you and bring you back to your family unharmed."

Somaya Elkhashab on TikTok

Somaya Elkhashab(@somayaelkhashab) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. #thankyouheroes #شكرا_للأبطال #سميه_الخشاب

The star also shared a video with her fans on TikTok offering tips to avoid transmitting COVID-19, and to fight the virus that spread in most parts of the world and left thousands of victims.

Khashab released her new clip directed by Randali Kdeah of the song "Arabia Ana," written by Hisham Sadek and Hassan Mohamed, and composed by Khashab.

The song is the idea of Khashab, who seems to focus in the current period on empowering women, specifically Arab women. This came after the success of her song "Betestakwa", which she shot as a video clip directed by Gamil el-Moghazi, to fight violence against women.
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