File- Mohamed Mounir and Bassem Darwish. File- Mohamed Mounir and Bassem Darwish.

Cairo Steps, Mounir, Abdel Dayem, Helbawy, Younis to perform online concert on YouTube Apr.6

Sun, Apr. 5, 2020
CAIRO – 5 April 2020: The Egyptian Ministry of Culture’s YouTube channel will present a concert for the Egyptian band Cairo Steps concert on April 6.

Cairo Steps will be accompanied by a number of prominent stars in this concert as guests of honor, such as veteran Egyptian singer Mohamed Mounir, Egyptian Minister of Culture and renowned flute player Inas Abdel Dayem, Ali el-Helbawy and Ehab Younis.
This concert comes as part of the online initiative "Stay at home ... Culture is between your hands".

Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem agreed with Minister of State for Information Osama Haikal to broadcast the initiative's program daily on Egyptian TV channels.

Head of the National Media Authority Hussein Zain set a fixed date for the broadcast on the second channel at 9 p.m. starting March 25. Abdel Dayem launched the online initiative "Stay at home ... Culture is between your hands" on March 24 at 9 p.m.

“The initiative aims to broadcast performances from the archives of national, contemporary and traditional arts on the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Culture and its different social media accounts,” Abdel Dayem explained.

The minister indicated that she is calling for the implementation of the precautionary measures aimed at preserving public health and safety through the citizens' commitment to social distancing and staying at homes in light of the exceptional circumstances the country is going through.

It is worth mentioning that Cairo steps performed a concert in Berlin, Germany with the world famous Tango quartet Quadra Nuevo on April 17, 2019.

The Egyptian minister of culture honored Cairo Steps in the Egyptian Academy in Rome. The honoring brought the band back to the ancient Philharmonic platform after being awarded the German Jazz Music Award in April 2018.

Cairo Steps’ founder, Egyptian music composer Bassem Darwish, is the first musician in the Middle East to receive the significant German award.

Minya University Theatre hosted an untraditional concert in December 2018 for the acclaimed Egyptian-German band Cairo Steps, who were accompanied by a group of German musicians and Egyptian singer Ali el-Helbawy. This concert came as part of an initiative to spread art and music in Upper Egypt.

Darwish was born in Upper Egypt and moved to Germany 26 years ago. He presented the idea of this initiative to Abdel Dayem in the World Youth Forum, which was held in Sharm El-Sheikh in November 2018.

Abdel Dayem praised the idea and decided to organize this concert in Minya University Theatre.

"One of my dreams was to create a high-quality artistic activity in my homeland and to reach out to the largest segment of youth," Darwish previously said.

A notable group of Upper Egyptian journalists, writers and public figures attended this concert in addition to Abdel Dayem. Minya suffered from extremist religious streams and the government started exerting real efforts for development and renewal of religious discourse in Upper Egypt after June 30 revolution.

"After performing many concerts in Cairo, Alexandria and Damanhour for more than 3 years, I found that I have to return to Upper Egypt and present a new kind of concerts there," Darwish recounted.

Abdel Dayem participated with Cairo Steps as a flute player in some of their concerts because of the unique blend of traditional and contemporary music the band presents.

"Muslim and Christian Egyptians were raised together to the principal of equality and brotherhood; we exercised all hobbies without discrimination and lived the best years of our lives together, despite the emergence of extremist groups in the 1970s and 1980s and their attempts to besiege art activities in schools and universities," Darwish added.

"After many years of working abroad and learning about many other cultures, I believe that music unites people more than anything else; that is what I want to bring to my hometown, Minya," Darwish stressed.

Cairo Steps was established in 2002 by Darwish and German pianist and composer Matisse. The band achieved international fame under the leadership of pianist and Maestro Sebastian Müller due to his unique artistic style, which is based on mixing Egyptian oriental music with classical music, modern jazz and electronic sounds.

Muller has established a wide audience base through his concerts at the Egyptian Opera House since 2009 and has won the admiration of the audience and critics worldwide.

Cairo Steps pursues the vision of crossing cultural, political and religious borders and building bridges between different cultures.
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