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Fadel Shaker to release new single 'Betewhashini'

Thu, Apr. 2, 2020
CAIRO - 2 April 2020: Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker is preparing to release a new single titled "Betewhashini", written by Mohamed Refai and composed by Walid Saad.

Shaker recently released a song titled "Ya Tara" in the Lebanese dialect. The song is written by Ahmed Mady and composed by Ziad Youssef.

In addition, Shaker has recently uploaded another song on his official YouTube channel titled “Habaitak”. The song is written by Mohammed Refai and composed by Ali Abaza. Shaker also cooperated with Refai and Abaza in a song released at the end of 2018, titled “Ma'al Salama”.

Ya Tara

Fadel Chaker - Ya Tara | فضل شاكر - يا ترى

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