COVID-19 brings Abdel Wahab back to social media



Sun, 29 Mar 2020 - 12:31 GMT


Sun, 29 Mar 2020 - 12:31 GMT

Abdel Wahab - ET

Abdel Wahab - ET

CAIRO - 29 March 2020: Famed star Sherine Abdel Wahab became active once again on social media platforms, after having refrained from using social media platforms for over 5 months, precisely after the controversy she raised upon commenting on the Lebanese crisis.

Abdel Wahab posted several tweets on her official account, re-assuring her fans and advising them to stay at home to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am right here dear fans. It feels really good to be cared for and loved, especially in the midst of the crisis the entire world is going through. I am just like you all, staying at home with my family, and praying that this crisis would soon come to an end.”

“Your concern and care about me gave me a much-needed positive energy in such a global crisis. I want to make you all happy, just like you made me happy. Soon enough, I will surprise you guys with something that is very close to my heart. However, until I do so, I want you all to stay safe, and stay home,” tweeted Abdel Wahab.

In fury, superstar Sherine Abdel Wahab decided to boycott all social media platforms because of what she faced after posting a comment about fires in Lebanon, precisely in October 2019.

“Today I wrote a post about Lebanon because I wanted to be of help. And my voice is all I have. I am not a doctor or an engineer; my voice is the only thing I can offer in this situation. I thought even monetary support would not be much of a help because no matter how much money I donate, it won't be enough compared to the size of the catastrophe. So, I thought I'd rather be positive and do something that can be of value,” commented Abdel Wahab on her official Instagram account at that time.

“When I saw the comments made after the statement I uploaded, I realized I won't please everyone, no matter what I try to do. Rumors follow me everywhere; they said I got divorced, that I had an abortion, and they even claimed I betrayed my country. This is why I decided to boycott all social media platforms so that I won't hurt myself or those who read the comments made by some,” added the singer.

The controversial singer commented on Oct. 16, 2019, on her official Instagram account, “My heart is burning for our beloved Lebanon. In such situations, words are not enough. I am totally ready to stage a concert, where all the profit will be dedicated to those who got harmed by the fires. I call on Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad el-Hariri to organize a concert for me that would be under his patronage.”



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