Veteran George Sidhom passes away at 82



Fri, 27 Mar 2020 - 04:59 GMT


Fri, 27 Mar 2020 - 04:59 GMT

File - George Sidhom.

File - George Sidhom.

CAIRO - 27 March 2020: Veteran Egyptian comedian George Sidhom passed away on March 27 at 82, after long struggle with disease.

George Abees Sidhom was born on May 28، in 1938، to a family originally from Upper Egypt.

His stardom was built with “Tholaathy adwaa al-masrah” troupe with the two veteran comedians Samir Ghaanem and al-Deif Ahmad.

The trio performed together a number of immortal funny musical sketches، stand-up comedy shows، comedy plays and movies.

Their debut was through “Doctor elha’ny ( Doctor help me) that was a milestone in their career.

“Tholaathy adwaa al-masrah” presented the first-ever TV Ramaadan Riddles for ten years، written by Hussein al-Sayyed and directed by Muhamad Saalem.

Their most popular films are “’Aakher sha’aawa'' (Extremely naught)، “30 yowm fel-segn'' (30 days in jail) and “Al-maganeen al-talaata'' ( The three madmen).

After al-Deif Ahmad's death in 1970، Ghaanem and Sidhom continued under the umbrella of “Tholaathy adwaa al-masrah” until 1982.

Sidhom's theatrical repertoire houses a number of sucessful plays such as “Mousseeka fel-hayy al-sharky (Music in east district)، “Al-motazawwegoun (The married couple) and “Ahlan ya doctor'' (Welcome doctor) among others.

George Sidhom retired years ago due to a brain stroke. His wife Linda، who is a pharmacist was the one who stood by his side for many years and took good care of him.



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