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Ramy Gamal to perform in Fayoum on March 5

Mon, Feb. 24, 2020
CAIRO - 24 February 2020: Ramy Gamal, along with music producer Islam Chipsy, will perform a concert in Fayoum on March 5.

Gamal is expected to present a variety of songs from his newest album “Ana Lewahdi” (I Am Alone), in addition to older songs including “Layalina”, “Rah Lehalo”, “Fooq”, “Qodami”, among others.

Gamal released his newest album “Ana Lewahdi” on Valentine’s Day. Before the release of the album, Gamal released a video clip for his new song “Saqqaf”. The song became a trend on social media platforms, exceeding 10 million views.

“Beehom Kolohom” was the second song released by Gamal prior to the official release of his new album. The song also went viral on social media platforms, exceeding 1million views.

In his newest album, Gamal collaborated with poets Tamer Hussein, Mohammed Atef, Gamal el-Khouli, Ahmed al-Malaki, Shady Noor, Ahmed Irfan, Rakia Abdul Aziz, Mustafa Hassan and Mohammed Abu Nimah.

As for the composers, Gamal collaborated with Bilal Sorour, Mohammed Anis, Yasser Nour and Madien. Gamal also composed nine songs in his new album.

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