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Mon, 17 Feb 2020 - 02:08 GMT

Part of Andalus Park - Photo Courtesy of Sherif Aboul Gadayel

Part of Andalus Park - Photo Courtesy of Sherif Aboul Gadayel

CAIRO - 17 February 2020: Cairo Governorate has recently announced its adoption of the Andalus Park’s development project under the supervision of the Ministry of Antiquities.

Andalus Park is one of the oldest historical parks in Cairo’s downtown area. It was established by Mohammad Bey Zulfikar in 1935 at the end of King Fuad I's reign. It has been approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities as one of the Islamic and Coptic antiquities since 2010, and is now witnessing a comprehensive restoration process.

The park is built on two acres and consists of two parts. The southern part is called the Arabian Ferdous Garden. It is similar to the Andalusian gardens in southern Spain. It has perennial trees, such as the Uday tree, which is more than 70 years old. The northern part is called the Pharaonic Garden.

It is located in a privileged location where it overlooks the Nile from the east and the Gezira Road from the west. From the north, it overlooks the Jeb Studio and from the south it overlooks the New Opera Square and the historical Kasr el-Nile bridge.
Abdullah S alHodaif
Andalus Park - Photo Courtesy of Abdallah S. Al Hodaif

The fountain drainage network in the garden's Pharaonic part will be developed in the first stage of the restoration process. The second stage includes the restoration of archeological models of statues inside the garden.
Atef al-Ekhnawi
Another view of the park - Atef el-Ekhnawi

A reproduction of the park's statues that are impossible to restore will be made, while restoration of the snake statues located in the Pharaonic part of the garden will be completed. The garden will also be reforested with rare plants that were previously removed.

The total budget for the development of Andalus Park amounts to L.E 30 million.



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