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Hany Shaker criticizes Shakoush, “Mahragant” songs

Sun, Feb. 16, 2020
CAIRO - 16 February 2020: Head of the Egyptian Musician’s Syndicate Hany Shaker criticized the “Mahraganat'' songs and its performers, especially after Valentine’s Day concert that was held in Cairo Stadium.

In a press statement, Shaker said that a wave of societal controversy is currently taking place in Egypt, reaching a consensus that this type of songs is threatening to the Egyptian culture as most Mahraganat lyrics reinforce unethical customs.

Shaker further explained that the syndicate does not provide memberships or permissions based solely on the applicant’s voice, but based also on general conditions that must be met by the applicant.

Shaker explained that the conditions that must be met include commitment to the higher values of the Egyptian society and the moral norm, and choosing words that do not incite poor vice or bad habits. "The Voting Test Committee is only a first stage, then the council convenes to consider the remaining conditions," he added.

Shaker stressed that he does not approve of the verbal abuse that happened in the Valentine’s Day concert held in Cairo Stadium by Hassan Shakoush, who used words that violate the established principles of the Egyptian society.

The Musician’s Syndicate Council will review with Shakoush the standards for obtaining the singing permit and the membership of the syndicate that he violated during the concert.

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