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Sun, 16 Feb 2020 - 12:45 GMT

8th Aswan Int. Festival of Culture and Arts - ET

8th Aswan Int. Festival of Culture and Arts - ET

CAIRO - 16 February 2020: The General Authority of Culture Palaces is organizing the eighth Aswan International Festival of Culture and Arts that is scheduled to kick off on Feb. 16 with the participation of 23 international and Egyptian teams.

Aswan International Festival of Culture and Arts is a platform of creativity and an opportunity for cultural exchange among the peoples of the world. The festival is scheduled to run from Feb. 16 - Feb. 22.

Over the course of eight editions, 32 countries from various continents of the world participated in the festival, with China and Greece taking part in six of the festival’s previous editions.

The festival is organized by the General Authority of Cultural Palaces in cooperation with the Foreign Cultural Relations Sector, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Tourism Promotion Authority and Aswan Governorate.

The festival comes within the framework of the contributions of the Ministry of Culture to the promotion of cultural and archeological tourism, in conjunction with celebrating the solar phenomenon illuminating the face of Ramses II on February 22 of each year.

This phenomenon also happens on October 22 and comes to mark the beginning of the flood and agricultural season in ancient Egypt. It is one of the 4,500 astronomical phenomena that Pharaonic Egypt has known throughout its various eras.

The festival’s first edition was launched in 2013, with the participation of 13 teams from America, Turkey, China, France, Indonesia, Sudan, and Uganda. The second edition in 2014 witnessed the participation of six international teams from China, Georgia, Greece, Romania, Tanzania, and Tunisia.

In its eighth edition, teams from Russia, Greece, Romania, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Tunisia, Algeria, Benin, Morocco, Sudan, Serbia, America, Poland, Bulgaria will participate, in addition to ten artistic teams affiliated to the General Authority for Cultural Palaces representing the Egyptian folklore.



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