Spain takes protection measures for Temple of Debod after Hawass visits Madrid



Tue, 11 Feb 2020 - 03:44 GMT


Tue, 11 Feb 2020 - 03:44 GMT

Temple of Debod - Wikipedia

Temple of Debod - Wikipedia

CAIRO - 11 February 2020: The Spanish minister of tourism said, “If the Egyptian Temple of Debod is damaged by rain, and retrieved back to Egypt by Zahi Hawass, it will be disastrous for the tourism in Madrid.”

The Spanish minister of tourism stated that the Egyptian Temple of Debod is the “pearl” of Spanish tourist hotspots.

During a press conference held in the Temple of Debod, the Spanish minister affirmed that Hawass’ visit to the temple and his demand of its protection helped achieve protection for the temple in an hour, something that previous Spanish politicians and Egyptologists failed to achieve.

“We are happy that you have been gifted this masterpiece for what you have given Egypt and its people by contributing to saving the temples and villages of Nubia, but the temple must be protected from rain and erosion, and this is better for you and us, and for all mankind. As you know, Egypt gifted three other temples to Italy, America, and the Netherlands, and all three of them covered the temples to protect them from the weather, except for Spain, which overlooked that important issue," stated the veteran Egyptian archaeologist.

Hawass further explained the protection plan for the Egyptian temple from 1968 until now.

The mayor of Madrid affirmed that a committee will be formed immediately to study how to protect the Temple of Debod from rain and corrosion. The mayor of Madrid announced that next week he would start taking measures to cover the temple, affirming that Hawass “embarrassed” the officials.

Hawass made these statements during his recent visit to Spain, where he threatened to retrieve the temple if it wasn't appropriately taken care of and protected by the Spanish officials.

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