Lenin El-Ramly passes away at 75


Fri, 07 Feb 2020 - 03:05 GMT

File - Lenin El-Ramly.

File - Lenin El-Ramly.

CAIRO - 7 February 2020: Famed Egyptian scriptwriter Lenin El-Ramly died on Friday, February 7 at age 75.

Ramly spent almost a week in the intensive care before his death.

The veteran Egyptian writer was born on August 18,1945.

Ramly and renowned Egyptian actor and theatrical director Mohamed Sobhy had formed a successful artistic duo ,and together they presented many prominent works such as the sucessful plays “The Lesson is finished O Stupid”, “Takharif”, ''In Plain Arabic'' and ''Point of View'', as well as the Egyptian movie “The agent 13”.

He also presented iconic movies in Egyptian cinema such as “The Terrorist”, “Bakhit and Adela” and ''The Ostrich and the Peacock''.

Among his notable screen written TV series are “Hend and Dr. Noman”,“Hekayt Mezou” and “Mabrook Galk Wald”.

Ramly was known for his high sense of humor and unique comic style.The 11th edition of the Arab Theater Festival has honored the veteran playwright.



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