The golden cups will be displayed in the Royal Jewelry Museum until Nov. 2020 - ET The golden cups will be displayed in the Royal Jewelry Museum until Nov. 2020 - ET

Six rare golden cups to be displayed in Royal Jewelry Museum

Mon, Feb. 3, 2020
CAIRO - 3 February 2020: The Royal Jewelry Museum displayed a collection of antiques from the museum's holdings to the public on the museum’s official page on social media platforms aiming to select one piece under the slogan “You Decide”.

The Royal Jewelry Museum announced that the winning piece will be displayed until the end of November 2020. The winning piece consists of six gold cups, each with a beaked edge with triangular heads inlaid with diamonds. The cups are all of the same size and contain net-like hollows. The six golden cups were owned by the Prince Mohammed Ali Tawfik.

It is worth noting that the Royal Jewelry Museum displays the jewelry of the royal families that ruled Egypt and is located in Alexandria. An architectural masterpiece, the palace was built in 1919 in the up-scale Zizenia district. The palace is erected on an area of 4185 square meters.

It was devoted to Princess Fatima al-Zahra, one of the princesses of the royal family. It was designed according to the style of European buildings in the nineteenth century. From the inside, the palace was decorated with distinctive artistic units.

The palace was then converted to the Royal Jewelry Museum in 1986. The museum houses a large collection of gold jewelry and antiques belonging to the Alawy royal family dating back to the year 1805, including rare antiques, spanning from the era of Mohammed Ali Pasha to King Farouk I.

These jewelry were confiscated during the July 23 Revolution. It was registered as a museum in 1999, currently holding 11,500 pieces.

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