Jan. 30 marks death anniversary of "Miracle Child", Fayrouz



Thu, 30 Jan 2020 - 12:49 GMT


Thu, 30 Jan 2020 - 12:49 GMT

The late Fayrouz - Compiled photo by ET

The late Fayrouz - Compiled photo by ET

CAIRO - 30 January 2020: Today marks the death anniversary of “Fayrouz” who is best known as the “Miracle Child”. Her sense of humor and her excelling of performing arts made her one of the most famous legends in the history of Egyptian cinema.

Her role in the film “Yasmine” produced in 1950 sparked her film career. The film starred Anwar Wagdy and also was directed by Wagdy. It was written by Abo el-Seoud el-Ebiary. Madiha Yousry and Zaki Rostom were among the cast.

Late Fayrouz became famous in the world of movies since a very young age. However, she did not maintain that fame during her adult years as she gave up fame and acting altogether for her house and family. Despite all the potential she held in performing arts and acting in general, she gave all that up to focus on her family’s well-being.

Fayrouz was discovered by Lebanese artist Elias Muadib, who spent many artistic evenings with her father. He was a master of the violin. With his assistance, Fayrouz performed in one of the classy night clubs at the time in the presence of King Farouk. Farouk encouraged the little star by awarding her with a L.E 50 banknote, which was a big amount during that era.

The star was born in Cairo to an Armenian family. Her real name was Peroz Artin Calvian. Fayrouz was born on March 15, 1943, and died in a hospital after a struggle with illness on January 30, 2016 at the age of 73.

Fayrouz presented several distinguished cinematic works during the “Golden Era” and certainly left her print in the film industry. The films she presented include “Fayrouz Hanem”, “Yasmine”, “Asafeer el-Ganna”, among others.

الفنانة فيروز - بيروز ارتين كالفيان

هي من مواليد 1943لقبت باسم شيرلى تمبل المصريه, اسمها الحقيقى بيروز ارتين كالفيان وقام انور وجدى بتغيير حرف الباء الى فاء ليصبح فيروز اشهر طفله مصريه وعربيه فى السينما. .



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