Cairo to be officially named Islamic Culture Capital on Feb. 3



Wed, 29 Jan 2020 - 01:51 GMT


Wed, 29 Jan 2020 - 01:51 GMT

Abdel Dayem during the convention - ET

Abdel Dayem during the convention - ET

CAIRO - 29 January 2020: Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem held a meeting with the heads of sectors to discuss the final arrangements for the ceremony announcing Cairo as the Islamic Culture Capital of 2020.

The announcement is scheduled to be officially made on Feb. 3 at the headquarters of the 51st Cairo International Book Fair held at Egypt International Exhibitions Center.

Abdel Dayem stressed that choosing a capital of Islamic culture aims at establishing communication between Islamic peoples, which are gathered by common values and perspectives, presenting a real image of the rich Islamic heritage that calls for tolerance and coexistence.

The minister of culture added that the creative, intellectual and artistic activities that were prepared for this occasion reflect Egypt's civilizational and cultural identities.

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) adopted the Capital of Islamic Culture Program, which is similar to the program launched by the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALESCO) that called for announcing an three Arabic cities as the Islamic Culture Cities.

It is decided to assign the title annually to three ancient Islamic cities that represent Islamic regions in the Arab world, Africa and Asia, in addition to the capital, which hosts the Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers, held every two years. Celebrations of the chosen city will span throughout a whole year.

An agreement was signed to hold this celebration in 2001 with the convening of the third Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers, and it was adopted at the Fourth Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers held in Algeria in 2004.

Mecca won the first title in 2005.Then, the Islamic cities traded the title and respectively moved to Aleppo (Syria), Fez (Morocco), Alexandria (Egypt), Kairouan (Tunisia), Tarim (Yemen), Tlemcen (Algeria), Najaf (Iraq), Medina (Saudi Arabia), Sharjah (UAE), Nizwa (Sultanate of Oman), Kuwait (Kuwait), Oman (Jordan), Manama (Bahrain), Tunis (Tunisia), reaching Cairo in 2020.

ISESCO also named the Uzbek capital Bukhari the Capital of Islamic Culture in the Asian region and Bamako of Mali in the African region.



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