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Ahmed el-Fishawy sentenced to 1 year in prison

Tue, Jan. 28, 2020
CAIRO - 28 January 2020: CAIRO - 28 January 2020: The Dokki Misdemeanor Court, headed by Counselor Hossam el-Din el-Badawy, handed down a one-year imprisonment sentence to actor Ahmed el-Fishawy, according to Shaaban Said, the lawyer of Fishawy’s daughter Lina.

This came as a result of Fishawy’s failure to provide his daughter's expenses.

The ruling included a one-year prison sentence, a bail of LE 2,000 and a fine of LE 500. It also obliged Fishawy to pay a compensation of LE 20,000 and L.E 50,000 for attorneys and other expenses.

The prolonged family feud before the courts, which started before Lina was born, did not stop until her early teens. In November 2019, a court ruling was issued to annul a decision banning Lina Ahmed el-Fishawi from traveling.

This family feud certainly had an impact on the formation and behavior of Lina, who recently sparked controversy by publishing bold pictures of her, considering this freedom of expression.

On the sidelines of these family disputes, Ahmed el-Fishawy faces criticism for his lack of care for his daughter and his judicial disputes with her mother, the matter that negatively affected the upbringing of their daughter.

A few days ago, videos and pictures of Fishawy celebrating the birthday of Lillian, the daughter of his wife Nadia al-Kamel, circulated, which made matters worse.

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