Wassouf to release new song in Egyptian dialect


Tue, 28 Jan 2020 - 01:07 GMT

FILE - Wassouf

FILE - Wassouf

CAIRO - 28 January 2020: Famed Syrian singer George Wassouf is currently working on a new song entitled “Sahy el-Lail” (Sleepless) written by Malak Adel, composed by Mohammed Yehia and directed by Jad Shwery.

Wassouf previously collaborated with Shwery in the song “Malekat Gamal el-Rouh” which achieved great success. Shwery is anticipating great success for the new song, claiming that it will be different than all the previous works presented by Wassouf.

In a different context, Wassouf performed a concert in the Syrian city of Latakia on December 25, despite the political turmoil the city is witnessing. During the concert, Wassouf presented a variety of his most popular hits including “Yom el-Wada’”, “Enta Gherhom”, “Lesa Edonia Bekhair”, among others.

There was a recent rumor stating that George Wassouf had died, after suffering a heart attack, which sparked controversy among his fans and made them wonder about the validity of the information.

Wassouf denied the rumor himself in a satirical way through a story on his official Instagram account.



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