Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Palestine, Syria participate in CIBF despite crises


Tue, 28 Jan 2020 - 12:22 GMT

Palestine pavilion at the 51st CIBF - ET

Palestine pavilion at the 51st CIBF - ET

CAIRO - 28 January 2020: Despite the political crises that some Arab countries are going through, they were rather keen to participate in the 51st Cairo International Book Fair seeking cultural exchange.

Among the participating countries in the book fair are Libya, Palestine, Yemen and Sudan, and Syria.

Libya’s pavilion in the book fair presented numerous distinguished novels. The Sudanese pavilion presented "Al-Madina Sudanese Poetry", a book from the heritage of Al-Battana, in addition to several children's books. The Yemeni pavilion also presented countless distinguished books on history and poetry. The Palestinian pavilion was keen to present countless books on politics and theatre.

It is worth noting that the number of pavilions at the fair is 808, with an increase of 86 pavilions from the 50th edition. The number of publishers and Egyptian and Foreign entities participating are 900, with an increase of 153 publishers and entities compared to the fair’s 50th edition.

The number of Egyptian publishers is 398 and the number of Egyptian publishers of children's books is 75. Egyptian publishers of Islamic heritage books total up to 121 and the number of participating Azbakeya wall libraries is 41.

Moreover, seven publishers of audio and electronic books will be participating in addition to 255 Arab publishing houses.

Thus, the total number is 900 publishing houses, 99 agencies, 925 activities. The number of participants in the activities is 3502 participants and 38 participating countries.

The book fair will organize hundreds of cultural and artistic activities, most of which focus on various African cultures and arts.

Syrian pavilion at the 51st CIBF - ET

Sudan pavilion at the 51st CIBF - ET

Libya's pavilion at the 51st CIBF - ET

Yemen's pavilion at the 51st CIBF - ET



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