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Kuwaiti anchor Mai el-Eidan criticized Ihab Tawfik for performing concert

Sun, Jan. 26, 2020
CAIRO - 26 January 2020: Kuwaiti anchor and media personality Mai el-Eidan launched a fierce attack on the star Ihab Tawfik, after his first appearance at a concert on Jan. 25, post the recent demise of his father after a fire broke out at his resident.

Eidan uploaded several pictures of Tawfik during the concert on her official Instagram account.

“Ihab Tawfik dancing and singing in a concert, two weeks after the death of his father. Oh you seem so sad (sarcasm). What annoys me is the expression “sadness is in the heart”. Does that mean I should go out and party after the death of my mother for example? “Sadness is in the heart” is really a useless expression. No one should go out and party after the death of a loved one, especially under that gruesome circumstances in which his father died amid flames in his resident”. commented Eidan.



Tawfik performed a concert in one of the night clubs in Sheikh Zayed district in October, after only a few days since the death of his father. This is the first public appearance of the star since the incident.

The star had received condolences on the death of his father inside the Mosque of El - Mosheer Tantawi in the Fifth Settlement District, in the presence of a large number of acting stars and politicians who were keen to console him.

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