Khaled el-Nabawy - ET
Khaled el-Nabawy - ET

Khaled el-Nabawy may undergo further surgery

Wed, Jan. 22, 2020
CAIRO - 22 January 2020: Cardiovascular consultant Gamal Shaaban clarified the health condition of Egyptian star Khaled el-Nabawy after being hospitalized for a sudden heart attack.

Shaaban explained that Nabawy may need close intervention in the anterior descending coronary artery by placing a stent or undergoing a surgery.

“The death of Nabawy is a rumor. Such rumors leads to the deterioration of the morale of the person and can exacerbates their critical condition. Please, there is no need to share such news”. commented Shaaban on his official Facebook account.

“The star is still in the intensive care unit after installing the stent in the posterior coronary artery after an acute clot that led to the defect of cardiac electricity while he was in the gym, falling unconscious and rushed to the reception of critical cases.” resumed the cardiovascular consultant.

“After doctors dealt with the posterior coronary artery, which is the culprit in this incident, close intervention in the anterior descending coronary artery by stent or surgically may be needed. Heart attacks is usually the harvest of multiple risk factors, such as smoking, stress, harmful fats, and others.” concluded the consultant.

Nabawi recently celebrated the release of his new film “Youm we Leila” in movie theaters after the unprecedented success achieved in the series “Mamalek el-Nar” recently broadcast on MBC Masr channel, where Nabawy embodied the role of “Tuman Bay”.

“Youm we Leila” is co-starring Ahmad al-Fishawi, Dorra, Hanan Mutawa, Khaled Sarhan, Mohammed Adel, Hamza al-Aili and Shadi Asaad. The film is written by Yehia Fekry and directed by Aiman Makram. The film’s events take place in a single day and night in the famed popular neighborhood in Cairo El-Sayyida Zeinab.

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