Google celebrates 106th birth anniversary of Moufida Abdel Rahman



Mon, 20 Jan 2020 - 02:49 GMT


Mon, 20 Jan 2020 - 02:49 GMT

The Google doodle celebrating late Abdel Rahman - Google

The Google doodle celebrating late Abdel Rahman - Google

CAIRO - 20 January 2020: Google, the largest search engine on the internet, celebrated on Jan. 20 the 106th birth anniversary of the Egyptian lawyer, Moufida Abdel Rahman, the first female lawyer in Egypt.

Abdel Rahman is the first Egyptian lawyer to plead before the country's Court of Cassation.

Attorney Moufida Abdel Rahman is the first woman to practice law in Cairo. She is also the first woman to file a case at a military court in Egypt, in addition to being the first woman to file a lawsuit in southern Egypt

Born on Jan. 20, 1914, Abdel Rahman attended a boarding school for girls when she turned 5.

Although she dreamed of studying medicine, she enrolled in law school in 1935, with the encouragement of her husband. She obtained a Bachelor of Law from the College of Law at Fouad I University in the year 1939. She had five children at that time.

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Moufida Abdel Rahman's Google Doodle - Google

Abdel Rahman achieved great fame after the first case she took up. It was a case of "unintentional murder". She won the case and her client was acquitted.

A mother of nine, Abdel Rahman was not only a lawyer; she was also a social and parliamentary activist. She was the first Egyptian woman to be a member in the Parliament for 17 years. Abdel Rahman has participated in the Personal Status Law Amendment Committee, and contributed to the development of laws governing family matters, including marriage, divorce, and others.

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Enjoying an exceptionally successful career while upbringing nine children, Abdel Rahman was dubbed the "ideal working mother".

Moufida Abdel Rahman died on September 3, 2002, at the age of 88.



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