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Lebleba, Nassar, Emari, Shiha to be honored in Kuwait

Sun, Jan. 19, 2020
CAIRO - 19 January 2020: The stars Lebleba, Eyad Nassar, Safia el-Emari and Hala Shiha will travel to Kuwait on Jan. 19 to be honored during the 44th anniversary celebration of the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anbaa.

The stars will be honored for their artistic contributions and careers.

It is worth noting that Lebleba was honored during the closing ceremony of the fourth Theatrical Professions Festival headed by Ashraf Zaki for her enriching artistic career.

Lebleba presented to the cinema more than 80 films, in which she co-starred with the biggest stars, including Ahmed Zaki, Mahmoud Hemeida and Nour el-Sherif. Lebleba formed a special duet with veteran star Adel Imam, where they presented many works in television and cinema, including “Esabet Hamada & Toto”, “Ehtares Men el-Khot”, “Aris Min Geha Amneya”, among others.

Additionally, the veteran actress presented seven theatrical plays and performed several songs for children.

Lebleba’s latest artistic contribution was her role in the film “Casablanca” written by Hisham Helal and directed by Peter Mimi. The film starred Amir Karara, Ghada Adel, Amr Abdel-Galil, Eyad Nassar, Mahmoud el-Bazzawi, Ahmed Dash, among others.

Meanwhile, veteran actress Safia el-Emari’s latest work was her participation in the short social/romantic film “Kan lek Maaya”, starring Mahmoud Kabil, Mena Galal, Osama Asaad, among others.

Actress Hala Shiha embodies the role of a painter in "Mish Ana", and is exposed to many comical situations during the film’s events. “Mesh Ana” brings Shiha back to the cinematic scene after a hiatus of 13 years. The film is written by Tamer Hosny and directed by Sara Wafik.

As for Eyad Nassar, he will be participating in the upcoming Ramadan series “Al-Ekhtiyar”, written by Baher Doweidar and directed by Peter Mimi. Nassar will be a guest of honor in the series, alongside Asser Yassin.

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