Commemorating the death anniversary of the iconic Madiha Kamel



Mon, 13 Jan 2020 - 12:42 GMT


Mon, 13 Jan 2020 - 12:42 GMT

File - Madiha Kamel,

File - Madiha Kamel,

CAIRO - 13 January 2019: Today is the death anniversary of the late great Egyptian star Madiha Kamel.

She is one of the iconic actresses in Egyptian cinema, her charming beauty and great talent were merely unforgettable.

Kamel was born in Alexandria on August 3, 1946. she moved from Alexandria to Cairo in the early 1960s, where she debuted her modelling career.

Kamel from the beginning had great interest in the entertainment industry.

On the other hands her parents wanted her to finish her education before fully diving into the movie industry, so honoring their wish she studied at Ain Shams University.

While studying in the university Kamel participated in student theatre and radio plays.
Her cinematic debut came in the mid-1960s, through movies like ‘’ Talteen Youm Fe el Segn’’ (30 Days in Prison), in which she starred alongside Farid Shawqi.

n the 1970s she participated in the successful TV series ‘’El Bashayer’’.

Kamel acted in both Egyptian and Lebanese movies, such as ‘’Love and Pride’’.

In 1978 Kamel stardom reached its peak after the release of her successful spy movie ‘’ El So’ood lel Hawia’’ (Climbing to the Bottom) performing the role of the Egyptian spy Heba Selim who betrayed her Egypt by spying to Israel.

The movie garnered great success placing Kamel in the forefront of the great Egyptian stars.

In general her fame reached its peak in the 1970s, performing a number of successful roles at that time.

Kamel’s career spanned for about three decades, before she died in 1997 after she had a severe battle with breast cancer.

Throughout her career, she worked with famous Egyptian names including Mahmoud Yassin , Najla Fathi, Farid Shawky, Adel Emam, Kamal el Shenawy among others.

She was married three times, and had one daughter. In 1992 kamel decided to retire to take care of her daughter and her sick mother.

She suffered from breast cancer, however, she refused to succumb easily, and took cancer as a chance to reshape her life.

She began medical treatment by removing the tumor, and subsequently quit a number of unhealthy habits such as smoking, which helped cure her.

Shortly, she was viciously attacked again by cancer, this time encouraging her to partake in a spiritual life.

Unfortunately, she passed away in the last days of Ramadan in 1997.



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