NCW contacted google to stop ‘Salmonella’ song


Fri, 10 Jan 2020 - 12:32 GMT

File - A scene from Salmonella song.

File - A scene from Salmonella song.

CAIRO – 10 January 2019: National Council for Women (NCW) issued a statement announcing that it addressed Google administrators urging them to remove the music video titled '’Salmonella'’ performed by commercials director and YouTuber Tameem Youness.

Youness released his song on YouTube, which is owned by Google, on January 1 2020.

The NCW criticised the song and described it in its statement with as being despicable.
‘’The song is a major breach of the media charter of ethics and the code of professional conduct of 2017, which is all media professionals and outlets should follow" the National Council for Women stated in its statement.

The media charter of ethics and the code of professional conduct of 2017 pledges respect for people dignity and bans degrade to any segment of the society.

The National Council for Women added in its statement that '’Salmonella'’ song encourages harassment and abuse towards women.

The statement mentioned as well that the song contains words and phrases that are against public morality and violate all Egyptian laws against insulting and defamation.
NCW said in its statement that whatever the intentions of Younees the song makes fun of a dangerous phenomenon.

The National Council for Women added that violence against women is an imperious social phenomena that the state is working hard to combat, and it is not proper to make fun of it.

Youness appeared in the song as a provoking man who insults a woman who rejected him.

'’Salmonella'’ stirred a lot of controversy directly after its releases yet garnered millions of views on YouTube.

People were divided, some accused Younees of encouraging harassment while others defended him by saying that the song is just a satirical.

From his side Youness posted a video on Facebook where he said that the song was a satirical one that is tailor made to condemn violence against women and highlight some men's failure to rightly deal with women rejection.



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