Hosny with Ashraf Zaki during the ceremony - ET Hosny with Ashraf Zaki during the ceremony - ET

Hassan Hosny honored by Theatrical Professions Syndicate

Thu, Dec. 26, 2019
CAIRO - 26 December 2019: On Dec. 25, a ceremony was held within the activities of the Theatrical Professions Syndicate Festival's fourth edition where veteran comedian Hassan Hosny was honored.

The honoring was held at the Theatrical Professions Syndicate in Qasr al-Ainy street.

Ihab Fahmy presented the ceremony, explaining that the idea of honoring Hosny this year was brought up to the syndicate’s Council, where all its members agreed without any hesitation, stressing that Hosny is one of the icons of Egyptian art.

Hosny, accompanied by the two stars, Mohammed Saad and Mohamed Henedy, got on the stage and were welcomed by Head of Theatrical Professions Syndicate Ashraf Zaki, Salah Abdallah, Suleiman Eid, Ahmed Shafiq, Os Os and Ihab Famy. A song, made especially for the veteran actor was played, followed by a screening of a short documentary filmed in Hosny’s house, where he spoke briefly about his artistic career.

Famed actor Henedy spoke about how he was raised looking up to the work of the veteran actor, and that he learnt a lot about acting from Hosny, stressing that all those who attended the honoring ceremony were there out of love and not just because they were doing their job.

حسن حسنى يصعد على المسرح فى حفل تكريمه بصحبة محمد سعد وهنيدى

حفل تكريم النجم الكبير حسن حسنى ضمن فعاليات مهرجان نقابة المهن التمثيلية المسرحى فى دورته الرابعة المقام فى مسرح نقابة الممثلين.

The honoring ceremony was attended by a number of artists, including Ihab Fahmy, Mohsen Mansour, director Amr Abdin, Amr Abdel Aziz, Azouz Adel, Soliman Eid, Menna Badr Tayseer, Hassan Abdel Fattah, Yousra el-Masoudi, Yousra Wagih, Martina Adel, director Mostafa Fekry, Mohamed el-Sawy, Mustafa Mansour, Hossam el-Gendy and his wife, Manal el-Hamrouchi, and Fatima.

It is worth mentioning that the Theatrical Professions Syndicate Festival's fourth edition is headed by head of the Syndicate Ashraf Zaki, and managed by director Sameh Basyouni.

Ten theatrical performances will take part in this edition of the festival. The jury will be chaired by Sameh Mahran, former president of the Academy of Arts.

Hosny lately participated in the film “Khayal Ma’ata” (Scarecrow) starring Ahmed Helmy, Menna Shalabi, Inaam Salousa and Tawfik Rashwan. The film is written by Abdul Rahim Kamal and directed by Khaled Marei.

The veteran actor also participated in “Qahwet Borset Masr” which has been recently released.
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