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'Abla Fahita' series to be broadcast on NETFLIX in 2020

Mon, Dec. 23, 2019

CAIRO - 23 December 2019: Netflix has announced cooperation with Abla Fahita to produce its second Egyptian series. The series is scheduled to be broadcast during 2020. “Abla Fahita” series is the production of OKWRD in cooperation with ASAP Productions.

It is noteworthy that the series "Abla Fahita" shows the human side of the doll in socio-comic attire with a lot of excitement and mystery.

The episodes revolve around the adventures of Abla Fahita, but her situation was turned upside down after she found herself a victim of justice and society.

The series is Abla Fahita's first work in the world of drama, after presenting a very successful TV show.

"We are very excited to cooperate with Abla Fahita, one of the most prominent comic characters in Egypt and the Arab region," commented Ahmed al- Sharkawi, Netflix Middle East’s original business manager.

“We also look forward to cooperating with Abla Fahita to present a creative vision that brings comedy to our Arab and international audiences," resumed Sharkawi.

For her part, Abla Fahita commented in her usual sarcastic attire saying, “Oh God! I was hardly able to present TV shows; now they want me to do a series! I accepted because the series will be presented in 20 different languages and will screen in over 190 countries! I always have said that Egyptian humor is one of the best things we can export to get hard currency! After long thread cotton of course! As you all can see drama and grief are all over the world now and the best cure for this drama is to present our Egyptian humor worldwide!”
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