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Sat, 21 Dec 2019 - 03:02 GMT


Sat, 21 Dec 2019 - 03:02 GMT

Employees of China state Construction Engrg.Corp.Ltd (Egypt) celebrating "World Arabic Language Day" - Press Photo

Employees of China state Construction Engrg.Corp.Ltd (Egypt) celebrating "World Arabic Language Day" - Press Photo

CAIRO - 21 December 2019: Language is a treasure generated by human society. There are many types of languages in the world. Language is a beautiful interpretation. On the occasion of the "World Arabic Language Day" on December 18th, the employees of China state Construction Engrg.Corp.Ltd (Egypt) gathered together to launch an appreciation and exchange activity in Arabic.

The content of the "World Arabic Day" was rich and well-planned, and many Egyptian colleagues were involved. At the beginning of the event, Alaa, a design engineer from the China state Construction Engrg.Corp.Ltd (Egypt), presented a very famous Egyptian song "Misr Ellaty Pi Khatiry" at the beginning of the event.

It is a song with national characteristics. With Alaa's superb singing skills and wonderful voice came up , It has attracted everyone's ears, especially Chinese employees. They have a new understanding of Egyptian songs. Then the Chinese- Arabic translator , Ammer, presented an Egyptian poem "Al.Lugha Al.Arabia" for everyone, and explained the meaning of this poem in Chinese.

The all kinds of cultures are the similarities essentially. The themes of different nationalities' poetry are the similarities. At the same time, Masoud, a Chinese colleague, who can speak Arabic, recited the Egyptian poem "Allugha Alarabia toniey nafsaha" with solemn and stirring, which led the activity to a climax with warm applause. Finally, Mostafa Hassan, a engineer at China state Construction Engrg.Corp.Ltd (Egypt), brought a show of Arabic calligraphy. At the invitation of many colleagues, Mostafa Hassa picked up a brush from the China and wrote Arabic with a Chinese brush.

At the end of the activity, all the employees participating in the event were interviewed on the topic of World Arabic Day. The employees from China state Construction Engrg.Corp.Ltd (Egypt) spoke freely, "I hope that friends from China can be integrated into the Arab culture. We can learn Arabic together and be good friends forever."













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