Star of Folklore Arts Hassan Afifi dies at 77


Sun, 15 Dec 2019 - 02:45 GMT

Late artist Hassan Afifi - Press photo

Late artist Hassan Afifi - Press photo

CAIRO - 15 December 2019: Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem mourned the late artist Hassan Afifi who passed away in the early hours of Dec. 15 after a struggle with illness. The late artist passed away at 77.

The minister said that the star was set to be honored in the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Reda Folklore Troupe, which he co-founded.

The minister indicated that the late artist contributed to developing the concept of theatrical shows and devised works that will remain immortal in the memory and conscience of the Egyptian people.

It is noteworthy that Afifi started his artistic career with Reda Troupe and participated in several movies with them, including “Gharam Fel Karnak” (Love in Karnak Temple), “Agazat Nesf El Sana” (Mid-Year Holidays) and “Fatat el-Esterad” (Show Girl).

Afifi then retired and worked as a customs designer for plays. Afifi was famous for his riddles and numerous other theatrical and television works.

The Ministry of Culture honored Afifi at the opening of the seventh edition of Damanhur International Folklore Festival last April in the Egyptian Opera House.

Farewell, Hassan Afifi.



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