50,000 artifacts safely placed in GEM’s store



Wed, 11 Dec 2019 - 01:36 GMT


Wed, 11 Dec 2019 - 01:36 GMT

GEM - Photo courtesy of Mahmoud Fahmy

GEM - Photo courtesy of Mahmoud Fahmy

CAIRO - 11 December 2019: The Grand Egyptian Museum received 309 artifacts from different eras, bringing the total number of artifacts in the museum’s store to 50,000.

Director General of the Archaeological Affairs at the Grand Museum Al-Tayeb Abbas revealed that two more pieces will be transferred to the museum. Abbas said that the transportation of artifacts from various sites and museums will continue until the museum’s exhibition cases are full.

The Grand Egyptian Museum is the largest museum in the world dedicated to one civilization only; the dazzling ancient Egyptian civilization.
GEM - Ahmed Najah

Abbas further added that the museum also includes a children's museum, an educational center, a handicraft center, educational classes and a museum dedicated to sun boats, in addition to the first field for a hanging obelisk.

In its halls, the museum will display the entire treasures of King Tutankhamun for the first time in one place, in addition to breathtaking ancient Egyptian treasures all around the museum.
gem2 Mahmoud Fahmy
Interior view - Mahmoud Fahmy

One of the most important transferred artifacts were the statues of King Ramses II, Sekhmet and Seti, in addition to a huge pink-granite portray of Ramses VI, and another distinguished set of statues that express the mastery of ancient Egyptian art.

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CAIRO - 9 December 2019: On Dec. 9, the Grand Egyptian Museum received 309 artifacts dating back to different eras. Among them were 64 heavy artifacts transferred from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir. The artifacts were transferred amid the tight security measures of the Tourism and Antiquities Police and the Security Forces.



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