Hawass gave a lecture in Serbia on Egyptian antiquities


Mon, 25 Nov 2019 - 03:08 GMT

Hawass during the lecture in Serbia - ET

Hawass during the lecture in Serbia - ET

CAIRO - 25 November 2019: Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass gave a lecture on the Egyptian antiquities in Serbia, in the presence of the former Ambassador of Serbia to Egypt and about 1000 spectators.

Hawass spoke about the new discoveries being made by the Ministry of Antiquities, namely the coffins of Gharrafa in Menia, El- Assassif cache findings, secrets of the Sphinx, the Grand Egyptian Museum, secrets of the great Giza Pyramids, among others.
Part of the lecture - ET

The veteran archaeologist also announced that after 12 years of excavations at the Temple of Taposiris Magna in Alexandria, there is no evidence to claim that Cleopatra was buried in that location, claiming that it is likely that Queen Cleopatra was rather buried in the tomb made next to the temple and is now under water.

In 2020, an announcement will be revealed to the entire world explaining how the Golden King Tutankhamen died, according to Hawass.

After the lecture, the former Ambassador of Serbia to Egypt held a gala dinner in the presence of many intellectuals and politicians.



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