'Mamalek el-Nar' portrays blood-thirsty Turkish agendas



Tue, 19 Nov 2019 - 02:00 GMT


Tue, 19 Nov 2019 - 02:00 GMT

Rafik Ali Ahmed in the role of Selim I - ET

Rafik Ali Ahmed in the role of Selim I - ET

CAIRO - 19 November 2019: The new series “Mamalek el-Nar” interweaves the political with the social in a fabulous artistic work, where Egyptian author Mohamed Suleiman Abdel Malik combined historical accuracy and fiction in many of the screenplay’s events.

The series tells in 14 episodes the story of the Ottoman-Mamluk conflict and the occupation of Egypt and Sham (now Syria) by the Ottoman Sultan Selim I, in addition to the hanging of Tuman Bay, the last Mamluk sultan at Bab Zuweila. The series also illustrates the end of the Mamluk State because of betrayal.

The first episode of the series is set in 1481 AD, portraying the death of Sultan Mohamed el-Fateh (Mohammed the Conqueror), whose role is brilliantly performed by the great Lebanese actor Rafik Ali Ahmed. The first episode then touches on the characters of Tuman Bay, the Mamluk ruler of Egypt; and Selim I, the Ottoman sultan, in their childhood.

The series depicts Selim I as a child fond of power. The episode ends with Selim I murdering his cousin.

The upcoming episodes of the series will address important facts in the Arab history about the conflict between the Ottoman sultans and the Mamluks in 1516. The series reveals the fact that the Turks now eagerly attempt to hide their history that is full of blood and evil conspiracies.

Sultan Mohammed el-Fateh persuaded his children and grandchildren to kill members of the Ottoman family to ensure power.

“Mamalek el-Nar” is directed by three directors: Syrian director Azzam Fouq el-Ada, the Spaniard Alejandro Toledo and the British director Peter Webber.

A large number of Arab stars play roles in the series, including Khaled el-Nabawy in the role of Tuman Bay, the Syrian Rashid Assaf in the role of Qansuh al-Ghuri, Syrian actor Mahmoud Nasr in the role of Sultan Selim I, Syrian actor Abdel Moneim Amayri in the role of Bayazid, Syrian actress Kinda Hanna in the role of Tuman Bay’s lover, and Mona Wassef as a guest of honor.



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