Edu, Qar cemeteries re-open after restoration



Mon, 18 Nov 2019 - 12:56 GMT


Mon, 18 Nov 2019 - 12:56 GMT

Edu Cemetery - ET

Edu Cemetery - ET

CAIRO - 18 November 2019: The Ministry of Antiquities re-opened the cemeteries Edu and Qar in the Eastern Cemetery of the Giza Antiquities Region for visits after completion of restoration works.

Meanwhile, the tombs of Seshem Nefer IV and Khufu Kha were closed to begin the necessary restoration works there.

This comes within the framework of the Ministry of Antiquities’ plan to open the archaeological cemeteries in the region for visits after restoring them.

Director General of the Pyramid Antiquities Region Ashraf Mohiuddin explained that the restoration work in Qar Cemetery included mechanical cleaning of the entire cemetery. Additionally, the roof of the cemetery was reinforced at the entrance and the gaps at the top of the main hall walls were filled.

This cemetery is located east of the Great Pyramid at the Eastern Cemetery. It is a tomb carved in rock dating back to the reign of King Pepi I Meryre from the Sixth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom.

Mohiuddin further indicated that mechanical cleaning was also implemented in Edu cemetery and that some parts of the roof have been strengthened. The weak and worn-out parts of the mud brick were also reinforced in the outer hall of the cemetery.





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