Group of On Time Sports channels to be launched in 2020



Sat, 16 Nov 2019 - 02:31 GMT


Sat, 16 Nov 2019 - 02:31 GMT

File - Tamer Mursi and Hussein Zain.

File - Tamer Mursi and Hussein Zain.

CAIRO - 16 November 2019: The United Company for Media Services headed by Tamer Mursi, along with National Media Authority announced the launch of a group of sports channels entitled ‘’On Time Sports’’.

‘’ On Time Sports’’ channels will kick off on 2020. ‘’ON Sports’’ and ‘’Time Sports’’ channels will be included in ‘’ On Time Sports’’ package. This step aims to provide better and more sophisticated sports content to the Egyptian audience.

Mursi announced that ‘’On Time Sports’’ will build on the previous achievements performed by ‘’ON Sports’’ and ‘’Time Sports’’ channels, to benefit from the distinctive cadres in both channels, adding innovative content, and having access to distinguished sports rights for Egyptian and Arab audience.

The CEO of United Media Services Group further added that ‘’ On Time Sports’’ channels will depend on a group of professional calibers in the field of sports media, noting that POD Company will be the advertising agent of ‘’On Time Sports’’ to ensure the independence of the decision making of the new sports channels.

The head of the National Media Authority Hussein Zain praised the authority cooperation with United Media Services Group, saying that he is proud with the Egyptian cadres that can provide a distinctive sports media content that follows the global standards.

It is worth mentioning that Mursi performed major achievements in short period of time in both the art and the sports fields.

In April 2019, the United Company for Media Services announced that it has acquired the D Media Group, owner of the DMC satellite channels pack.

Renowned producer Mursi was announced chairman of the board. In September, Egyptian Media Group (EMG) successfully sealed a deal to acquire 51 percent of Future Group Holding, which held the CBC channels pack.

The move sought to establish new integration between Egyptian media institutions to innovate and introduce new content throughout the Arab region.

EMG also acquired Al-Hayah TV Network on July 5, 2018. Mursi was announced CEO of EMG in February 2018. As CEO of EMG, Mursi managed to strike several successful deals, placing the group in the forefront of media companies in the Middle East.

Synergy, one of the Egyptian Media Group’s arms, announced in Sept. 2018 its cooperation with Middle East Communications Network (MCN) after signing an agreement on Sept. 9.

MCN is under the Interpublic Group of Companies Inc. (IPG) is an international group specialized in media and publicity and was behind many popular advertising campaigns around the world.

These agreements come within Synergy’s pursuit to enhance the Egyptian media’s profile by reaching the widest base of interactive audience around the globe and spreading the best image that suits the professional values of media presented by the Egyptian Media Group, the biggest media and advertising entity in Egypt and the Arab World.

Mursi previously announced that this step is crucial for the Egyptian media, adding that the Egyptian media has achieved a leading domestic rank, where expansion has become a need to develop media tools on the Arab World’s level.

Mursi explained that this step is now fulfilled through cooperation with an international company like MCN, where a widespread, significant rank across Africa, the Middle East, the Americas, Asia and Europe can be achieved.

MCN is an international American communication network. It has offices in more than 120 countries around the globe.

The Egyptian Media Group owns ON channels network, Al-Hayyah channel networks, Al-Youm7 newspaper, Sout Al-Omma, Dot Masr and Al-Nile radio among other media platforms.

This is in addition to other services offered by other Egyptian Media companies in production, advertising, public relations, sports marketing and digital media fields.
Mursi is one of the most prominent and successful TV drama producers.

He founded Synergy Productions, which produced widely-watched TV series. Mursi produced several of Adel Imam's successful works, most notably “The Naji Atallah Team.”

He leads the Ramadan race every year with the series he produces which are always considered the most successful such as “Hogan”, “Tal’et Haz”, “Abou Gabal”, “Hekayety”, “Le Akher Nafas” and others, amounting to 15 series in Ramadan 2019 only.

Every Ramadan, Mursi signs contracts with the most influential stars in the Arab world, securing the A-List actors. He also produced 'YES, I'M FAMOUS,' which featured several international mega stars, including Leonel Messi and Adel Imam.

YouTube granted the famed leading production company, Synergy, the Gold Creator Award after its YouTube channel surpassed 1 million subscribers.

The award was received by Synergy CEO Tamer Mursi. In the field of sports media Mursi contributed significantly through Presentation Company and Tazkarti especially after offering a dazzling organisation to the AFCON and recently in U-23 AFCON.



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