Mohamed el-Sharnouby excels during concert within the 28th Arabic Music Festival


Tue, 12 Nov 2019 - 02:51 GMT

Sharnouby during the concert - ET

Sharnouby during the concert - ET

CAIRO - 12 November 2019: Mohamed el-Sharnouby concluded his concert held within the activities of the 28th Arabic Music Festival with “El-Mammar’s” theme song.

Sharnouby performed his concert amid a high turnout from fans and public figures, receiving strong applause from the attendees.

The young star performed a wide selection of songs, including; “Heta Men el-Khayal”, “Tkhonoh”, “Khayef Aqol Eli Fe Qalby”, “Layalina”, “Ya Mosafer Wahdak”, among others.

It is worth mentioning that the 28th edition of the Arabic Music and Singing Festival honored 12 individuals who massively contributed to the Egyptian and Arabic musical scene, including Mohamed Mounir, veteran poet Farouk Gouida, Bahraini musician Wahid el-Khan, Riham Abdel Hakim, Mai Farouk, Iraqi writer and poet Karim Oudeh, musician Amro Ismail, maestro Adel Iskandar, among others.

Numerous singing stars of Egypt and the Arab World performed concerts within the festival’s 28th edition on the Grand Theater of the Egyptian Opera House, including; Mohamed Mounir, Medhat Saleh, Marwan Khoury, Mohamed el-Helw, Hany Shaker, Angham, Assi el-Helani.

Twenty two bands also performed during the festival’s activities, including Mohamed Mounir’s band, Abdel Halim Nouira Ensemble for Arabic Music, El-Hefny Ensemble, among others.



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