What are the 10 highest-grossing movies in the history of Egyptian cinema?



Fri, 08 Nov 2019 - 02:41 GMT


Fri, 08 Nov 2019 - 02:41 GMT

'’El Feel-el Azra’a'’ (The Blue Elephant) poster - file.

'’El Feel-el Azra’a'’ (The Blue Elephant) poster - file.

CAIRO – 8 November 2019: The Egyptian cinema is very rich with successful movies that managed to achieve great success. Egypt Today will present to its readers in this article the 10 highest-grossing movies in the history of Egyptian cinema.

1- '’El Feel-el Azra’a'’ (The Blue Elephant) part 2 – ( L.E 102,954,945)


In the first time in the history of Egyptian cinema, the movie “Blue ELephant P II) starring Karim Abdel Aziz exceeds the LE 100 M mark in revenues since its screening in cinemas on July 25.

The "Blue Elephant PII" has been able to achieve the difficult equation since its release in cinemas 8 weeks ago, which has reaped huge revenues at the box office, and at the same time met with great success and popularity on the level of critics and the public.

This is an achievement several films have been unable to achieve in years. This is due to the use of the most important elements behind the camera while providing all necessary means for success the film needs in terms of productivity until it finally came out in this distinctive form.

The makers of the Egyptian movie will present part 3 from the movie; this was clear from the open ending of part 2.

The film promo has recorded more than 9 million views directly after its release. Famed Egyptian actor Karim Abdel Aziz appeared in the promo fighting with beloved star Nelly Karim, stirring a lot of curiosity about the events of the new movie.

Part 2 stars the same cast of the first movie, led by director Marwan Hamed and author Ahmed Mourad. Tunisian actress Hend Sabry joins the cast, along with Jordanian actor Eyad Nassar who joins as a guest of honor.

Produced by Synergy, the sequel follows the huge success of the first part, which grossed more than LE 35 million when released in 2014, a record number in the last decade in Egyptian cinema.

The first movie tells the story of Yehia, a psychiatrist who returns to Al-Abbasiya mental hospital after 5 years of self-imposed isolation, where he meets an old friend with a dark past and uncovers many surprises that turn his life upside down.

The events develop in a drama, horror, mystery context. Part 2 takes place 5 years later, as Dr. Yehia has married Lobna, played by Karim.

The events of "Blue Elephant P II" begin 5 years after the events of the first part, where Dr. Yahya Rashed is summoned to the Dangerous Cases Section.

There he meets those who manipulate his life and that of his family. This pushes Yahya to try the ‘blue elephant’ pill (a form of Ecstasy or MDMA) in an attempt from him to deal with the mysteries he finds himself facing.

The films are adapted from Ahmed Mourad's best-selling book of the same name that was released in 2012. The book was shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) in 2014.

2- "Welad Rezk" (Rezk Sons Part 2) – ( L.E 99,145,910)


The Egyptian movie "Welad Rezk" (Rezk Sons Part 2) achieved booming success, generating the highest daily income in the history of Egyptian cinema.

Written by Salah el-Geheiny, directed by Tarek el-Arian and produced by Raw Production Company, the sequel achieved significantly high revenues and recorded the highest single-day revenues in the history of Egyptian cinema.

Part 1 was released in 2014 and achieved great success; it revolved around four brothers who lead a life of crime, each with a special character, with Ahmed Ezz as the mastermind.

Part II is a mind-twisting film, even more than the first part which achieved great success.

The sequel starts with a powerful action scene, where the four sons (played by Ahmed Ezz, Amr Youssef, Ahmed El-Fishawy and Karim Kassem) are plotting a new con when they are attacked.

Their friend Atef, played by Ahmed Dawoud, is kidnapped by Kamal, dubbed "El Khawaga" played by Khaled el-Sawy.

A flashback narrative takes us through the developments of the events that culminated in this opening scene. In this part, Rezk’s sons cooperate with the corrupt officer Raouf, played by Mohamed Mamdouh, to carry out a series of robberies, which puts them in conflict with El-Khawaga.

Famed star Assala Nasri participated in "Welad Rezk Part 2" as a guest of honour in her first acting experience

3- ‘’ Casablanca’’( L.E 79,156,808)


Starring mega star Amir Karara, "Casablanca" topped Eid El-Fitr season films, achieving the highest revenues in the history of Egyptian cinema at that time.

“Casablanca” achieved the highest daily income in the history of Egyptian cinema at that time, achieving LE 6,721,308 and surpassing the rest of the competing films by far; in addition to the records achieved on the level of Arab cinema revenues, as the film is being screened in Arab and Gulf theaters.

The movie is starring a large group of stars led by Amir Karara, Ghada Adel, Eyad Nassar, Amr Abdul Jalil, Lebleba, Mahmoud el-Bezzawi and Ahmed Dash.

The film is the joint production of Talent Media, Synergy Films and Tahir Media Production. It is directed by Peter Mimi and written by Hisham Hilal.

The action movie revolves around Omar El-Mor (Amir Karara) and an adventure in Casablanca.
The plot tackles the life of three Alexandrian men who despite being pirates, have a touch of humanity.

The three performed nautical theft, where El-Mor was arrested but refused to inform the police about his partners, who are Oraby ( Amr Abdel Gelil) and Rasheed ( Eyad Nassar).

On the aftermath of his release he discovered that Orabi betrayed them and travelled to Morocco to start a new life there and changed his name to Haroun and kidnapped El-Mor’s brother Zakaria ( Ahmed Dash), so El-Mor and Rasheed decided to cooperate together to grab their right from Oraby and return Zakaria back.

Casablanca is a different type of action movie because it is shot across different cities such as Marrakech, Casablanca, Safaga and Alexandria, so it contains different pictures on screen that were executed with the latest cinematic techniques.

4- El Mamar ( The Passage) – ( 74,495,223 L.E)

mamar file

The film revolves around the role of the heroic Egyptian Commandos during the War of Attrition. The film is inspired by the brave patriotic operations performed by Group 39 in the Egyptian army headed by martyr Ibrahim al-Rifai.

The massive production discusses the time period from the 1967 war to the early days of the War of Attrition.

"El-Mamar", directed by Sherif Arafa and written by Arafa and Amir Teima, stars Ahmed Ezz, , Hend Sabry, Ahmed Rezk, Asma Abul Yazid, Eyad Nassar, Sherif Mounir, Mohamed Farag, Ahmed Falawkas and Enaam Salousa, among others.

Veteran musician Omar Khairat composed the movie’s soundtrack. El-Mamar” topped the Twitter trend after its first TV screening on ON TV channel on October 6.

The film was screened as part of the celebrations of the 46th anniversary of 6th of October War victory.

People interacted with the patriotic movie, especially that it screened as part of the celebrations of the glorious victory of October 6.

Egyptians were keen to watch the important patriotic movie which achieved booming success.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Culture represented by the Cultural Production Sector headed by veteran director Khaled Galal honoured ''El Mamar'' movie makers on Tuesday, October 29.

5- El Badla ( The Suit) – ( L.E 67,085,009)

badla movie

“El Badla”, which was released in Eid el-Adha in 2018, achieved high revenues, claiming the first rank in the Egyptian box office at that time.
Hosny plays in the movie the role of a police officer who finds himself involved in a number of critical situations due to the nature of his job.

“El Badla” stars Amina Khalil, Maged el-Masry, Dalal Abdel Aziz, Hassan Hosny and Mai Kassab among others. The movie is written by Ayman Bahagat Kamar and directed by Mando el-Adl.

“El Badla” was screened in Saudi Arabia starting on September 2018. It was the first Arabic movie to be screened in the kingdom’s history.

6- “Nadi el-Regal el-Seri” (The Secret Men's Club) (L.E 59,719,314)

nady regal

The film is starring Karim Abdel Aziz, Ghada Adel, and Maged el-Kedwany, among others. It is written by Ayman Wattar.

In the movie, Karim Abdel Aziz plays the role of a dentist named “Adham” who has been married for ten years. However, a huge gap develops in their marriage which forces his wife to watch her husband all the time in a comic way.

Abdel Aziz returned to cinema with this movie after a hiatus of 4 years, since the screening of "The Blue Elephant" part one in 2014.

7- ‘’ Harb Karmouz’’ ( Karmouz War) – ( L.E 57,634,545)

Karmooz facebook

The film takes place in the era of King Farouk, Egypt's last king. The story revolves around a police officer, Youssef el Masry (Amir Karara), who lives in the Karmooz district in Alexandria. Masry fights many battles and saves a girl from being raped in the movie.

“Harb Karmooz” stars famed English actor Scott Adkins, known as “Boyka”, in his first appearance in Egyptian cinema, alongside Karara, Mostafa Khater, Ghada Abdel Razek, Bayoumy Fouad, Fathy Abdelwahab and Rogina, among others.

“Harb Karmooz” is written by Mohamed el Sobky and directed by Peter Mimi.
Superstar Scott Adkins, AKA Boyka, previously expressed his extreme happiness to star in the movie “Harb Karmouz” (Karmouz War) with superstar Amir Karara.

Boyka stated that he is more than happy to participate for the first time in such a unique cinematic experience in Egypt.

The superstar further commented that both Karara and the movie’s director, Peter Mimi, are highly talented and knowledgeable and that he is pleased to work with both of them.

The world renowned star expressed his great appreciation of his Egyptian fans, especially for the love and support they gave him.

“Harb Karmouz” is the first movie that is solely starred by Amir Karara.

8- ‘’El Khaleya’’ ( The Cell) – ( L.E 56,004,004)


The movie highlights the continuous efforts exerted by security forces to combat terrorism, as well as the obstacles and the sufferings they face as a result of such tough work.

‘’El Khaleya’’ focuses on a special operations officer played by Egyptian megastar Ahmed Ezz. He works to stop more than one terrorist operation and arrests various terrorist cells.

“El-Khaleya” stars besides Ezz, Samer el-Masrie, Mohamed Mamdouh and Amina Khalil. The movie script is written by Salah el-Geheny, while Tarek el-Erian wrote the story and directed the movie.

The film includes a duet song between famous singers Assala and Mahmoud Elessily. “El-Khaleya” is considered a high-budget action movie.

Amr Salah, an officer from the special operations sector in the Ministry of Interior was killed on October 20, during confrontations between police forces and terrorists in an oasis in the Western Desert.

He also participated in “El-Khaleya,” training Ezz and fellow actors on police exercises shown in the movie.

Salah also appeared in a few scenes in the film as an actor. He appeared in one scene changing clothes in the locker-room , another in a raid, the scene with the armored vehicle, as well as most of the scenes of Ezz in the camp.

9- ‘’ Horoob Edtrary’’ ( Forced Escape) – ( L.E 55,551,644)

horob Edterary-official poster-Youtube

Famed Egyptian star Ahmed el-Sakka in the movie will be accused of murdering a business man, so he escapes until he proves who the real killer is.

Horob Edterary co-starring Ghada Adel, Mostafa Khater, Amir Karara, Fathy Abdel Wahab and Ahmed Zaher.

The movie which was released in 2017 broke the box office revenues in 22 days only and has maintained stable revenue by making at least LE 500,000 a night. The film surpassed its rivals at that time: El Asleyeen starring Menna Shalaby, Gawab E’tiqal starring Mohamed Ramadan, Tasbah Ala Kheir starring the famous Tamer Hosny, and Antara Ibn Ibn Ibn Ibn Shadad starring the comedian Mohamed Henedy.

10- ‘’Laf w Dawaran’’ (Turning in circles) ( L.E 43,277,037)

laf w dawran

"Laf we Dawaran" (Turning in circles),staring Ahmed Helmy, Donia Samir Ghanem, Jamila Awad, Sabrine, Inaam Salousa among others. The movie achieved great success at the time of its release. “Laf we Dawaran” is directed by Khaled Marei. It revolves around a young man who wants to travel abroad to start a new life there but his family is pushing strongly to let him change his mind.



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