Emam, Salah, Malek, Hafez are the upcoming Egyptian stars to be added to Dubai celebrity corridor



Fri, 08 Nov 2019 - 12:52 GMT


Fri, 08 Nov 2019 - 12:52 GMT

File - Dubai Stars.

File - Dubai Stars.

CAIRO – 8 November 2019: Megastar Adel Emam, superstar Mohamed Salah, late renowned singer Abdel Halim Hafez and Egyptian- American super star Ramy Malek are the Egyptian stars that are going to be added to Dubai celebrity corridor in the upcoming period.

Egyptian star Ahmed Helmy was the first Arab actor to receive a star in the corridor, along with his wife, famed actress Mona Zaki.

Helmy previously expressed his great joy after his name was placed in Dubai celebrity corridor.

He posted a video on his official Instagram account showing how happy he was to see his name placed in the Celebrity Corridor of Dubai, an Arab replica of the Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

The Dubai Stars page also posted a video to congratulate Helmy and commented, “Congratulations to the Egyptian actor who made millions laugh in joy. Ahmed Helmy, you are a Dubai Star.”

“Art is a very, very big responsibility, and when you are capable of handling the responsibility, the result will eventually be precious.
Honored to be with you today,” said Helmy after receiving his star at the Celebrity Corridor.

The Dubai Stars is a grand tribute to renowned personalities who have positively contributed to the world through their work in various fields, such as filmmaking, art, architecture and music.

Kicking off with the first 400 stars in Oct. 2019, this global benchmark will have over 10,000 stars' names when complete.

Adel Emam

adel emam

Emam is considered Egypt’s biggest actor for over four decades of box office hits, series, and plays under his belt.

His immortal role in "Madrasat El-Mushaghebeen" as Bahgat el-Abaseiry led him to shoot to stardom in theatre.

Emam then performed a number of successful roles in plays like "Shahed Mashafsh Haga" (A witness who didn’t see anything), "El-Wad Sayed El-Shaghal" (the servant named Sayed), "El-Zaiim" (The Leader) and "Body Guard".

His cinematic repertoire includes a number of movies like "Ehena Betoaa el Autobees", "El-Avocato" (The Lawyer), "El-Irhab Wel Kabab"(Terrorism and Kebab), “Bakhit We Adeela”, “Amir El-Zalam” (Prince of Darkness), “Aris Men Geha Amneya”, "El-Sefara Fel Omara" (The Embassy in the Building), “Alzheimer”, and “Bobos”.

His TV debut was in 1978 through “Ahlam El-Fata El-Taer” then “Domou fi Oyoun Waqeha” in 1980.

After a long hiatus, he returned back to TV series in 2012 through "Fer’et Naji Atallah " (Naji Atallah’s group) , continuing his annual presence in Ramadan marathon every year through a number of successful series such as " El Araf” (The fortune teller), “Saheb el sa’ada” (His highness), “Afaret Adli Alam”(Adli Alam’s Ghosts), and "Awalem Khafeya” (Hidden Worlds) in 2018.

Emam has won seven awards, including two from the Cairo National Festival for Egyptian Cinema for Best Actor for his roles in “El-Irhabi” (The Terrorist) and “Omaret Yacoubian” (The Yacoubian Building).

The Yacoubian Building also earned him an International Jury Award at the São Paulo International Film Festival and a Special Mention for Actor in a Narrative Feature from the Tribeca Film Festival.

The Dubai international Film festival awarded him twice the Lifetime Achievement Award, in 2005 and 2008. Emam was also awarded the Golden Star in 2014 at Marrakech International Film Festival, the Golden Tanit in 2016 at Carthage Film Festival and the Career Achievement Award at the first edition of El Gouna Film Festival.

Despite being the most important comedian in the history of Egyptian cinema, he performed in serious dramatic works while maintaining his comedic style, reflecting ordinary citizens' struggles with powerful social or political pressures.

Emam is the only actor in the history of Egyptian art who remained number one all these years.

Egypt and the Arab world celebrated the birthday of the one and only Adel Emam on May 17.

On this occasion Emam denied all the rumors about his illness and said he is in good health and thanked all his fans.

Under the slogan of "In celebration of Adel Imam's birthday", CEO of Egyptian Media Group Tamer Mursi signed a contract with mega star Adel Emam to produce the series "Valantino" to be released in Ramadan 2020.

"Valantino" will screen exclusively on Watch It, in addition to CBC, DMC AND ON TV channels. The series is produced by Synergy.

In the series, Emam will embody the role of an international school's owner named Nour Abdel Mageed, who is married to a gloomy wife, the matter that will drive him to fall in love with another woman.

Abdel Halim Hafez

Abdelhalim hafez- Wikimedia Commons

Hafez was born on June 21, 1929 in Halawat village. Along with his lifetime friends, the great Egyptian composers Mohammed Al-Mougi and Kamal-Al-Taweel, presented a new and unfamiliar style of music to the audiences.

In return, the audience at the beginning neither accepted the young singer nor his style, receiving him with boos and revulsion.

After the July 23, 1952 Revolution, the Egyptian audience’s taste changed and Hafez started to gain more fans gradually. Hafez’s fame was strongly attached to the revolution; he sang plenty of patriotic songs that documented it, and some called him the “Revolution’s Voice” or the “Son of the Revolution”.

His songs after the revolution began to gain unprecedented popularity. The Egyptian cinema did not welcome Hafez at the beginning preferring to borrow only his voice. Yet, in 1955, Hafez debuted as an actor in a movie named “Lahn el-wafaa” (The Tune of Faithfulness) followed by “Ayamna el-Helwa” (Our Sweet Days) in the same year.

The booming cinematic success Hafez achieved resulted from his success as a singer in the first place. Hafez’s participation in “Our Sweet Days” along with veterans Omar el-Sherif and Ahmed Ramzy, established the idea of a younger cinema which prevailed afterwards. He stabilized his cinematic success later in a number of films such as “Ayam w Lialy” (Days and Nights), “Banat el-Youm” (Nowadays’ Girls), “El-Wisada el-Khalia” (The Abandoned Pillow), “ El-Khataya” (The Sins) among others.

The audience favored the new cinematic style presented by Hafez because of its vividness. The Egyptian audience, especially girls, started to view Hafez as a romance icon and their dream man, each of them wanting her sweetheart to visit her in a boat, exactly as he did in the “Ayam w Lialy” movie.

The name of Abdel-Halim on any film was enough to attract audiences to the box-office. His films achieved record sales. His most famous songs, which catapulted him into fame, were “Ahwak” (I Adore You), “Betloomoni Leh” (Why Do You Blame Me), “Maw’ood” (Promised), and “Qari’at Al Fingan” (Fortune Teller). It is worth mentioning that all Hafez’s songs were included in his films, except his patriotic songs and the last romantic ballads he sang in his final years.

Despite the many years that have passed since his death, Hafez was and remains the most important and successful of Egyptian and Arab musicians.

He is the only Egyptian singer that has a growing fan base even after his death and most of it is from an audience who was born years after his death.

Despite having no direct relation nor any form of contact with the new generation, Hafez managed to build a psychological and human relationship with the new generations through his films and songs.

All Hafez’s films witnessed the blending of his songs seamlessly into the drama. In all his films, his songs are essential parts of the drama line that cannot be removed. All singers who appeared on the silver screen after his death have failed to fill his place or achieve the same success.

If he were still alive he would likely have remained on top of the Arab singing and cinematic scene to this day. Despite dying young at only 48, he made more than 15 movies and more than 206 songs.

Amazon carries all his albums as well as 288 MP3s by Abdel Halim Hafez.

Rami Malek

rami malek oscar 2

Malik, is an Egyptian-American actor, who was born in Los Angeles in May 12, 1981, to Egyptian immigrant parents who are Saeed Malek and Nelly Abdel Malek.

His parents who are from Samalut city located at Minya governorate in Upper Egypt immigrated to US in the 1970s.

The journey of the Samalut origin guy from Upper Egypt to Golden Globe stage was both difficult and interesting.

The 38-year-old actor grabbed the award after tough competition with acclaimed stars who are Bradley Cooper for "A Star is Born," Willem Dafoe for "At Eternity's Gate", John David Washington for "BlacKkKlansman" and Lucas Hedges for "Boy Erased".

Malek has been nominated before for a Golden Globe for best actor for his performance in the TV series "Mr. Robot."

Malek's win, along with the ‘’ Bohemian Rhapsody’’ win of Best Motion Picture Drama, were the most tweeted-about incidents at the Golden Globe.

“Thank you to Freddie Mercury for giving me the joy of a lifetime," Malek said at the Golden Globe stage. "I love you, you beautiful man. This is for and because of you, gorgeous.” He added dedicating his great win to the legendary singer.

Malek elaborated that he drew personal connections with Mercury after depicting him.
“I tried to find the humanity in him,” he said during a press room speech after the film's win.

“I related it to him being an immigrant struggling to discover his identity," he added. "I tried to take everything he was struggling with, his complication, his chaos, his turmoil and this beauty inside of him. He lifted me up to be everything I could be in this film.”

Two of the Queen's members who are lead guitarist Brian May and lead drummer Roger Taylor approved and praised Malek performing Mercury’s role.

Malek now has just became Hollywood's breakout star. Bohemian Rhapsody was actually what the Egyptian-American actor needed to make the shift from acclaimed actor to established movie star.

‘’Bohemian Rhapsody’’ also winning Best Drama, stabilised more Malek's outstanding performance in the movie that succeeded both critically and commercially, yielding over $700 million, making it the highest grossing biopic of all-time.

‘’Bohemian Rhapsody’’ movie makes an intense spotlight on Malek, who is as strongly private as Freddie Mercury.

In October, a fan got to see just how private Malek is when he approached him on the street, asking him to record a video for his friend.

Malek becoming the first non-white actor to take home the Emmy for Best Actor in a Drama Series in over 18 years in 2016 for his role in ‘’ Mr Robot’’.

After receiving the Emmy he said"I play a young man who I think is, like so many of us, profoundly alienated and the unfortunate thing is I don't know how many of us would want to hang out with a guy like Elliot."

He then said, "There's a little bit of Elliot in all of us."

His work on the drama was so impressive that even Robert Downey Jr. was praised him.
"Everyone should be studying this guy," Robert Downey Jr. said about Malek to GQ.
Malek eyes, which have been described as menacing and captivating are now his main signature.

"I never think about it. I just try to experience things and when I get riled up I know that they can do some pretty involuntary things, or get very menacing at times," he told GQ of his eyes. "Even my mom comments on it quite a bit, You don't look like my son anymore.' I think it's like they say: the eyes are windows to the soul’’ Malek added.

Given Malek's the golden chance to perform the role of the iconic entertainer Mercury was a responsibility he took very seriously.

"I was very cognizant of the work it was going to take to get anywhere close to becoming Freddy Mercury. I flew myself to London and put myself up and just got hammering away," Malek explained to E News his preparations for the role.

"Piano lessons and worked with a movement coach and singing lessons—everything I could possibly do. And then I watched copious amounts of Freddie Mercury performances’’ he added.

Malek is now dating his Bohemian Rhapsody co-star Lucy Boynton, who plays Mary Austin, Mercury's first fiancée.

Malek and Bonyton, 24, had never talked about their relationship in public until recently, with Malek confirmed their relation at the Palm Springs International Film Festival when he accepted the Breakthrough Performance Award.

The Upper Egyptian -American star Rami Malek has made it to the Oscars and received Best Actor award after his brilliant portrayal of Queen's main vocalist, the legendary Freddie Mercury, in "Bohemian Rhapsody" movie.



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