The Sun unveils mysteries of Tutankhamun’s war trumpets



Mon, 04 Nov 2019 - 02:02 GMT


Mon, 04 Nov 2019 - 02:02 GMT

Tutankhamun’s war trumpet(s) - ET

Tutankhamun’s war trumpet(s) - ET

CAIRO - 4 November 2019: The Sun celebrated the holdings of King Tutankhamun after the opening of his exhibition in London, focusing on the trumpets which are rumored to provoke deadly conflicts and wars.

The exhibition in Saatchi, London, presents some 150 impressive artifacts from inside the most famous Egyptian pharaoh's tomb.

American archaeologist Howard Carter, discoverer of the Golden Pharaoh's tomb, found a silver military trumpet in a colored wooden box, as well as two war trumpets in the tomb. One of the war trumpets was made of gold, while the other was made of silver and bronze and decorated with lotus flowers and Egyptian gods.

“The Sun” website highlighted some of the mysteries associated with the Bronze Trumpet, clarifying that many years ago the BBC was able to convince the Egyptian Antiquities Authority to participate in the broadcast.

Five minutes before air, the electricity was cut off. Soon after, the electricity was back and the trumpet was used for five minutes continuously.

Unfortunately, during blowing the trumpet, the curse returned, and the trumpet broke. It was repaired, however, and the sound recording process succeeded. But months after the broadcast, World War II broke out.

The site went on to recount some of the mysteries associated with Tutankhamun's trumpet. A curator of the Egyptian Museum tried to deny the idea that wars and disasters were called upon after the trumpet was used, considering it a myth. He blew the trumpet in 1967, and along came the 1967 war between the Arabs and Israel.

The English website then revealed that the sound of Tutankhamun’s trumpet could be heard through the audio guide of Tutankhamun located in London’s exhibition. They added that Dr. Tariq al-Awadi told all visitors that they were on a safe visit to enjoy and witness the charm and beauty of the Golden King.



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