Tazkarti to organise a group of massive concerts for Sherine Abdel Wahab



Fri, 01 Nov 2019 - 12:36 GMT


Fri, 01 Nov 2019 - 12:36 GMT

File - Sherine Abdel Wahab.

File - Sherine Abdel Wahab.

CAIRO – 1 November 2019: Tazkarti Company headed by acclaimed marketing expert Montasser Al Nabarawy will organise a group of massive concerts to megastar Sherine Abdel Wahab.

The first concert will take place on December 20 at Al Manara Theater. Abdel Wahab will present in the concert a number of her successful songs. During this concert Abdel Wahab will sing for the first time new songs from her upcoming album.

Abdel Wahab preferred to make her comeback on stage with Tazkarti Company which managed to make a huge name in the Egyptian marketing sector.

Tazkarti announced that Abdel Wahab concert will witness a number of surprises in the framework of Tazakarti's efforts to provide entertainment service at the highest level for the Egyptian audience.

The huge success of Tazkarti attracted many stars from the Arab world to cooperate with the company to make successful huge concerts, which will take the quality of concerts in Egypt to the highest level in terms of organization and technical efficiency.
Tazkarti entered into the field of organising concerts with a concert to famed band Cairokee, beside organising big sports events and tournaments.

It is worth mentioning that the Chairman and Managing Director of Egyptian for Marketing service which owns Tazkarti Marketing services company, Montasser Al Nabarawy played a vital role in the success of organising the African Cup of Nations.

Al-Nabarawy is one of the unsung heroes who embody the slogan of “Serving the country with silence”, his humility pushes him towards denying himself any pride to glorify the role of the members of the team helping him.

The challenge was to host a tournament organized in a way similar to the Russian approach during a few months period, unlike the years that big Russia had to host the World Cup.

Al Nabarawy and his team accepted the challenge and vowed to organize a tournament not less than the Russian World Cup.

Tazakarti company was established to supervise all the marketing and organizing of the Africa Cup tournament, shortly after the FAN ID system was introduced to all the fans whether they are Egyptians, Arabs or Africans who want to support their team during the tournament.
Few days ago Al Nabarawy held a long meeting with Mohamed Fadl, member of the board of directors of the Egyptian Football Association, to put the final touches on the organization of the U-23 African Cup of Nations which will qualify to 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The meeting checked on the preparations for the opening ceremony, which is being organized by Presentation Company as Egypt will host the African Nations Under-23 Championship, from 8 to 22 November.

After succeeding in organizing the African Cup of Nations in Egypt this year, Tazkarti will the system at the U-23 African Cup of Nations, to be hosted by Egypt from November 8 to 22.

Tickets for the tournament will be booked through Tazkarti Company headed by Mr. Montasser Al Nabarawy.

In fury Abdel Wahab decided to boycott all social media platforms because of what she faced after posting a comment about fires in Lebanon.

“Today I wrote a post about Lebanon because I wanted to be of help.And my voice is all I have. I am not a doctor or an engineer; my voice is the only thing I can offer in this situation. I thought even monetary support would not be much of a help because no matter how much money I donate, it won't be enough compared to the size of the catastrophe. So, I thought I'd rather be positive and do something that can be of value,” commented Abdel Wahab on her official Instagram account on October 15

“When I saw the comments made after the statement I uploaded, I realized I won't please everyone, no matter what I try to do. Rumors follow me everywhere; they said I got divorced, that I had an abortion, and they even claimed I betrayed my country. This is why I decided to boycott all social media platforms so that I won't hurt myself or those who read the comments made by some,” resumed the singer.

The controversial singer previously commented on her official Instagram account: “My heart is burning for our beloved Lebanon. In such situations, words are not enough.I am totally ready to stage a concert, where all the profit will be dedicated to those who got harmed by the fires. I call on Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad el-Hariri to organize a concert for me that would be under his patronage.”

Abdel Wahab, 39, is a popular Egyptian singer who was born in 1980. She started her career in 2000. Two years later, music producer Nassr Mahrous who strongly believed in Abdel Wahab paired her with Tamer Hosny on the same music album.

The album achieved booming success; Abdel Wahab and Hosny became mega stars.

Abdel Wahab released a lot of successful songs such as “Masha’aer’’ (Emotions), "Albi Leek" (My heart is for you), “Garh Tany” (Another wound), “Lazem Ayesh” (I have to survive), “Batmenak” (I am Reassuring you) among others.

She acted in one movie along with the Egyptian mega star Ahmed Helmy entitled “Mido Mashakel” (Mido always makes problems). Her soap opera “Tare’y” (My path), released in 2015, achieved great success.

Abdel Wahab is famous for her emotional, melodious voice that has a significant touch of intimacy. She is consistently hailed as one of the most talented and successful singers of her era, being dubbed as “The Queen of Emotions” for her popular romantic ballads.



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