File - Marwan Khoury. File - Marwan Khoury.

Khoury, Mamdouh, Farouk to perform in Cairo Opera House on Nov. 3

Sun, Oct. 20, 2019
CAIRO - 20 October 2019: The third night of the Arab Music Festival will witness the performance of Lebanese star Marwan Khoury, guitar soloist Wahid Mamdouh from Jordan and singer Mai Farouk on Nov. 3 at the Grand Theater.

The 28th Arab Music Festival honors 12 stars who have enriched the art scene in Egypt and the Arab world, including Mohamed Mounir, Farouk Gouida, Bahraini composer Wahid al-Khan, Riham Abdel Hakim, Mai Farouk, Iraqi poet Karim Oudeh, Amro Ismail, Maestro Adel Iskandar, Fouad Mahny, Hisham el-Araby, Salwa el-Shawan and Hamdy Zaid.

The festival will also organize a scientific conference on the small theater. Mounir’s participation in the festival is the first, stressing that the Arab Music Festival is one of the most important specialized international events, affirming the success of the previous editions of the festival throughout 27 years, as it succeeded in enriching the art scene in Egypt and the Arab countries, appreciating the role of media institutions in shedding light on its various and diverse activities.

22 bands will be participating in the festival’s 28th edition, topped by Mounir’s Band, The First Royal Band for Music and Folklore (Amman), Abdel Halim Nouira Band for Arabic Music led by Maestro Salah Ghobashi and Maestro Ahmed Amer, Mustafa Helmy’s Band, El-Hefny Band led by Maestro Hisham Nabawy, Hani Farhat’s Band, The National Arab Music Ensemble led by Maestro Mostafa Helmy and Maestro Hazem el-Kasabgy, Omair Khairat’s Orchestra, Wael Jassar’s band, among others.

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