Cairokee to perform two concerts at El Sawy Cultural Wheel Oct.21,22



Fri, 18 Oct 2019 - 02:25 GMT


Fri, 18 Oct 2019 - 02:25 GMT

File - Cairokee.

File - Cairokee.

CAIRO –18 October 2019: Egyptian popular band Cairokee to perform two consecutive concerts at El Sawy Cultural Wheel on October 21,22.

Cairokee has launched at the end of March their latest album with the title "Abna'a el Batta el Soda” (The Ugly Ducklings) on their official youtube channel.

The album contains 8 tracks that are "Benkhaf'' ( We are Afraid), ''Kan lak Ma’aya'' ( You Have with me) , ''Ya abyad ya eswed'' ( Either White or Black), ''Hatlena bel ba’y leban'' ( Buy Gum with the Rest of Money), ''Yalla neghany'' ( Lets Sing) , ''Ana el segara'' ( I am the Cigarette), ''Ma’aad sagheran'' and ''Ana el sout” ( I am the Voice).

All tracks' compositions and music arrangements are by Cairokee except for "Ma aada Sagheran" that was arranged by “Sary Hany” and all the tracks' lyrics were written by Amir Eid except for "Benkhaf" by Mohamed Shafaay, "Hatlna Bel Ba’y Leban“ By Atwa ,”Ma’ad Sagheran" By Dr.Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq and" Ana el sout " by Nour AbdAllah .

The Ugly Ducklings is the album were Cairokee tried to handle many human fears and challenges such as anger, loss and rebel to direct many messages to all those who were defeated and rejected by others and by life itself! those who lost hope and who are suffering from any kind of discrimination.

Cairokee hits back the market after the massive success of their last album "No’ta Beida" A drop of white.

That their viewership on Youtube has exceeded over 170 million views on Youtube.

The whole album was filmed as music videos in a single location, except for their track “El Dinosaur”.

The album was made in their style along with different twists that their audience was not used to, but were well-received.

Cairokee is one of the most successful bands in Egypt; they are well-known for their folk and indie rock music, as well as their lyrics that tackle social and political issues in the country.

The band was founded in 2003, but their hit "Soot al-Horreya" (Voice of Freedom), launched online in 2011, took them to another level of fame and placed them among pop stars.



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