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‘Abwab el-Rahma’ to be screened at Zawya Cinema on Oct. 17

Thu, Oct. 17, 2019
CAIRO - 17 October 2019: The short film “Abwab el-Rahma” (Doors of Mercy) is scheduled to be screened at Zawya Cinema as part of the 6th Shnit Short Film Festival running from Oct. 18 to 21.

The film, which will be screened on Oct. 17 at 7 pm, discusses the story of Nadia, a mother of a newborn girl in Cairo. Her daughter Laila was born as a result of a relationship outside of legal marriage. She decided to keep her baby against her family's demand for an abortion, resulting in both Nadia and her daughter to become outcasts.

“Abwab el-Rahma” traces Nadia's struggle as she deals with her family in the face of a communal and family rejection, while struggling to obtain a birth certificate for the child, who desperately needs medical attention.

The film also highlights a group of voiceless women and children in Egypt. Thousands of Egyptians are born out of wedlock in a society that stigmatizes them and refuses to recognize them. They are even denied access to basic education, health care and the right to vote. The film stars Tharaa Jbeil, Lubna Wans, Hanan Youssef and Magda Mounir.

Young director Abdullah al-Daly said in a statement about the film that it is dedicated to all individuals seeking forgiveness from a society that seems to be perfect but actually is double-faced and hypocritical.

The film poses an important question: Should we eliminate the future of a baby girl whose parents have sinned? Why society harms women without prejudice to men despite their participation in the same offense?

Daly earned his master's degree in cinematography and visual arts from the New York Film Academy, and worked in several film productions in Los Angeles.

The film has officially participated in many international festivals such as Shnit Short Film Festival, Rwanda Film Festival’s Semi-Finals in addition to being Nominated for Best Editing at the Grand Off Short Film Festival, among others.

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