Head of Museums Sector reveals development plan of Kafr el-Sheikh Museum



Tue, 08 Oct 2019 - 11:14 GMT


Tue, 08 Oct 2019 - 11:14 GMT

Kafr el-Sheikh Museum - Press photo

Kafr el-Sheikh Museum - Press photo

CAIRO - 8 October 2019: Head of the Museums Sector Mo’men Othman visited Kafr el-Sheikh Museum to follow up its latest developments in preparation for its opening in the next few months.

Othman said that the visit is the first of a series of visits he will make for the archaeological museums to inspect them and get acquainted with the latest developments.

He pointed out that he started with Kafr el-Sheikh Museum because of the important role the museum plays in the development of archaeological awareness and social communication with the people of Kafr el-Sheikh in particular and of the Delta in general.

The inspection tour included a visit to the museum's exhibition halls, the open hall, stores, and administrative offices. This is in addition to reviewing the museum activities and meeting with the engineers responsible for the implementation of the project, the director of the museum and the curators, where all the problems they faced and ways to overcome them were discussed.

Furthermore, Othman clarified that the action plan for the Museums Sector in the coming period will be based on developing and enhancing the human element because of its importance in the process of attracting the public.

The young cadres in all museums will be developed through organizing training courses and workshops to enhance their work techniques, providing them an opportunity to assume responsibility.

He added that the sector will work on two levels; the first level focuses on pushing the work of museums under construction or completely new ones to be finalized according to the Museum sector’s schedule, ensuring that they serve as sophisticated models of museums in terms of construction standards and methods of presentation.

The second level aims at improving the performance of the old museums in terms of the museum displaying methods, while preserving the shape, authenticity and identity of these museums. Also, this level aims to develop the performance of employees and raise interest in museum activities to deepen and increase communication with the citizens, raising archaeological awareness among the Egyptian public.



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