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Sat, 05 Oct 2019 - 10:30 GMT


Sat, 05 Oct 2019 - 10:30 GMT

File - Bushra and Mohamed Ramadan.

File - Bushra and Mohamed Ramadan.

CAIRO - 5 October 2019: In the past we used to wait for the weekly entertainment magazines such as 'Al-Maw'ed', 'Noura', 'Kawakeb' and so many others to just read the latest news about actors and entertainers but nowadays we are in control of the ever increasing sea of news and updates about the celebrity world yet we no longer have a reliable source and it is becoming more difficult to distinguish the fake and real news. So we at Egypt Today took it upon us to save you our readers, the effort and hassle of scrolling and searching through social media to find all the latest news, by providing you with our fortnightlyy round up of what has been happening in the world of celebrities.

The past week Instagram witnessed a mixture of happy and sad post that kept the general public gripped, so lets start with the biggest and happiest piece of news first.

The Wedding;

Ahmed Fahmy and Hana Zahid's fairytale wedding photos and videos flooded Instagram, with many famous personalities posting clips and images. The wedding was attended by so many that it quite a task to name them all but the ones that posted photos from the event were; Ayten Amer, Amr Youssef and his wife the Syrian actress Kinda Alloush, Hesham Maged, Mai Omar and her husband the director Mohamed Sami, Akram Hosni – who wrote a song for the happy couples which gained thousands of views as a video of Hosni's performance was posted by many. Other notable guests were; Mohamed Emam, Ahmed Ezz, Karim Abdel Aziz, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Chico, Ali Rabee', Mohamed Abdel Rahman, Mustafa Khater, Hassan Al Radad – though the absence of his wife Emy was quite notable -, Ahmed Dawood and his wife Ola Roshdy, The second generation of El Sobky Group, Samer Ghanem, Donia Samer Ghanem and her husband Rami Radwan, Salwa Othman, Mona Shazly, Maged El Masry, Yaser Galal, Lebleba, Esaad Younes to name just a few.

The Trolls and Cyber Bullying

The week also witnessed the ugly side of social media rearing its head, targeting the following people;

Karim Fahmy: in the midst of his brother's wedding, Karim posted a family photo consisting of Karim, his wife, mother, the groom and bride and two of his three daughters whom he covered their faces with heart emoji. This sparked an astonishing attack on Karim Fahmy's daughter with one instagramer commenting that the girls' hair is like a dishwasher sponge, and that triggered a reaction from the usually mild mannered Karim with a reply that consisted of 'I can retaliate with worst things to say about you but I won't make your father upset just like you upset me'. Soon afterwards Ahmed Fahmy reacted angrily to the comment unleashing a tirade of abuse against the female follower, using language that was deemed by many as inappropriate for such a high profile actor.

Carol Samaha; another person who received many negative and abusive comments after posting a photo of herself without make up. The comments ranged from ' take this photo off you look so ugly' to ' you are so full of wrinkles. Carol chose to remain silent.

The Egyptian actor Ahmed Dawood is one of few actors who rarely gets negative comments on his post but this was changed when he put up a video advising people to search for the truth in their soul and not just trust anyone's claims blindly, which caused a great backlash with people abusing Dawood and even his mother.

Happy Occasions;

Nancy Ajram; Nancy posted images from her youngest daughter baptism along with her husband and two other daughters, which immediately drew comparison between Karim Fahmy hiding the faces of his daughters and Nancy being very open.

Surprise Birthday Parties

The last fortnight saw two celebrities get a surprise birthday party thrown by their perspective partner. Donia Samer Ghanem organised a party for her husband TV presenter Ramy Radwan, which was attended by Hesham Maged and his wife, Emy Samer Ghanem, Shaimaa Self, and Mohamed El Sobky, Rami Emam to name a few

Mohamed Emam is another star who arrived home to find a surprise birthday party thrown for him by his wife and boasted of many celebrities such as Ashraf Abd ElBaqi, Mahmoud Al Bazawi, Donia Samer Ghanem and her husband Ramy Radwan, Rami Emam, Sherif Money, Chico, Hesham Maged,Ahmed Rezk, Karim Mahmoud Abd El Aziz amongst others. A day later Emam posted a video of Ahmed Fahmy and Hana Zahid,from their honeymoon singing to him happy birthday and wishing they could be there to celebrate with him.

The Lebanese Singer Wael Kafoury chose to celebrate his birthday in style with more than 200 guests at his ranch which was attended by a mixture of singers, actors, TV personalities and politicians with Melhm Zain and Pascal Mash'alany both singing throughout the night. Instagram was flooded with videos of Savoury dancing the night away with his friends including the singer/actress Cyrine Nour. The birthday cakes were 3 with Wael's initial on each one with a crown on one of them alluding to Wael's nickname / title that his fans address him with King of Romance.


Mohamed Abd Al Rahman the comedian actor welcomed his son Seif into the world with many celebrities congratulating him most notably Mohamed Emam who are both working together these days on the film Baghdad's Thief (Les Baghdad).

Less happy news..


The Lebanese model turned actress Nadine Nasib Nejim announced on her Instagram page that she and her husband have formally divorced after they kept their separation a secret for over a year to protect the well being of their two children. She didn't provide details of the separation but has chosen to keep all their old photos together on her Instagram page: a move that is rare for celebrities who split up.

The big Fall:

Assi Al Hilani the Lebanese singer who is known for his passion for horse riding fell off his horse whilst riding, causing considerable damage to his entire body with some claiming he was in a coma and had to be rushed to hospital. This meant the halt of The Voice Kids which only a week earlier he had annoyed to be joining Nancy Ajram and Mohamed Hamaki as the third judge. The recording of the program had to stop until Assi can walk and fully function again.


Lebanon mourned the death of the God father of music and entertainment; Simon Asmr, who created Studio Al Fan that saw the emergence and discovery of many current super stars such as Ragheb Alama, Najwa Karm, Nawal Zoughby. Wael Kafoury, Majda El Roumi, Elissa, Assi Al Helani, and so many others. His funeral drew criticism of the many stars who did not attend citing lack of loyalty though Ragheb Alama, Wael Kafoury, Najwa Karam, Waled Tawfeq, and Majda El Roumi all attended.

The Gouna Film Festival

Instagram was full of photos of stars who attended the film festival, with fashion being the main focus. Yet the main highlights were; a photo of the co-founder of the festival Bushra with the actor Mohamed Ramadan, who were rumoured to be on bad terms following the song that Bushra sang in retaliation at Ramadan's own song 'I am the king'. Another rare photo was Ahmed El Sakka with his wife who many claimed they were separated, Mohmed Henedy was another one that was photographed with his wife who is hardly seen in the limelight.



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