Ministry of Culture launches dramaturgy workshops



Wed, 02 Oct 2019 - 12:28 GMT


Wed, 02 Oct 2019 - 12:28 GMT

Head of the General Authority of Cultural Palaces - ET

Head of the General Authority of Cultural Palaces - ET

CAIRO - 2 October 2019: Ministry of Culture announced the establishment a workshop for playwriting and dramaturgy targeting young, ambitious playwrights in the Egyptian towns and villages.

The workshop is organized by the General Authority for Culture Palaces headed by Ahmed Awwad and will be hosted in Cairo during February 2020 for a period of 6 days.

“We are seeking to implement the strategy of talent discovery and adoption in various creative fields," stated Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem, referring to the role of culture and arts in the development of society and rooting the national identity of young people.

The minister of culture added that the workshop aims to refine the talent of theater writers in towns and villages of Egypt, as one of the many tracks of the training plan launched to encourage young people in all governorates.

For his part, Ahmed Awwad explained that interested writers should head to cultural palaces to apply for the workshop. The conditions for admission include that the applicant should be a member of a theatrical group and/or a theater club, or should have previous experience in writing in amateur teams and for university theaters.

Awwad further stated that those wishing to attend the workshop will be interviewed without submitting any prior work, adding that the participation form is available at all cultural sites of the cultural palaces and at headquarters of the General Directorate of Theater in Memphis Hall behind the Balloon Theater.

In the same context, Adel Hassan, the director of the Department of Theater in the General Authority for Cultural Palaces, stated that lectures of the workshop will be given by a group of professors specialized in playwriting and will resume for 6 days from the launch date.

According to Hassan, the workshop also includes 48 hours of training that end with reviewing the graduation projects of the participants. This is in addition to a number of theoretical and practical meetings.



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