The remains of Ptolemy IV temple were discovered in Sohag


Sun, 29 Sep 2019 - 02:55 GMT

File - The remains of the temple.

File - The remains of the temple.

CAIRO – 29 September 2019: The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced that remains of a temple that belongs to the fourth pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt ,Ptolemy IV (221 – 204 BC), were discovered in Kom Shakau village in Tama township in northern Sohag on Sunday, September 29.

Secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mostafa Waziri said that the ruins include parts of the temple's walls with engravings and inscriptions holding the name of Ptolemy IV, as well as limestone walls and floors.

Waziri recounted that adrilling works have been stopped to recover the temple remains.
He further added that an archaeological mission has been assigned with recovering the ruins.

It is worth mentioning that the temple ruins were uncovered while drilling to implement a sewage drainage project in Sohag.

The decline of the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt started during the reign of Ptolemy IV Philopator, the son of Ptolemy III and Berenice II.



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