Henedy to ET: Proud to receive an award received by Adel Emam, wait for me with Disney



Fri, 27 Sep 2019 - 02:47 GMT


Fri, 27 Sep 2019 - 02:47 GMT

FILE- Mohamed Henedy

FILE- Mohamed Henedy

CAIRO - 27 September 2019: The Egyptian recipient of this year’s Career Achievement Award is the one and only comedian Mohamed Henedy. According to Intishal Al Timimi, Festival Director, Henedy represented a new and young generation that influenced a major change in the Egyptian cinema in the early 1990s.

“We try to select those who have the biggest influence on the industry; those whose achievements have a value that goes beyond their personal limits,” he said.

Henedy will receive his award at the closing ceremony of the third edition of El Gouna Film Festival tonight on the stage of the Marina Theater. Mohamed Henedy is an Egyptian actor known for his comical style. He began his artistic career through university theater, then took on small television roles, until he was chosen by director Youssef Chahine, who assigned him a role in some of his films during the late 1970s. In the late 1990s, Henedy had already become a staple name in the Egyptian cinema, confirming his talent and presence as a comedian. Henedy is also famous for his successful plays, some of which are considered theatrical hits in 20th century Egyptian theater. Egypt Today chatted with the heartthrob comedian revealing

1- Tell us more about your feeling when you knew that you will receive the Creative Achievement Award for your significant contribution to cinema

I am so happy that I will be honoured in the closing ceremony of El Gouna Film Festival especially that comedians usually don’t receive awards, despite the fact that the audience enjoy comic work like any other cinema genre. I am so proud to receive the award veterans like the iconic Adel Emam and Dawoud Abdel Sayed received before.

2- Your upcoming movie ‘’ Oklet el osboo’’ (Hop-o'-My-Thumb) has stopped now despite that you previously said ‘’wait for me in a massive production movie’’ what are the reasons behind that?

I was just busy with my play "Talat Ayam Fe el Sahel" (Three Days in North Coast) and you know to what extent theater kills time but very soon will continue working on the movie.

3- Hop-o'-My-Thumb character was performed by a number of actors what is the new that you will going to present in this movie?

The story itself is rich and can be presented from different shapes and perspectives, even if they are 10 movies. Also this movie will be executed using the latest graphics techniques performed by an international graphics company.

4- Tell us more about the premiere of your movie 'The Knight & The Princess’’ which is the first Egyptian animated feature film in El Gouna Film Festival?

Frankly speaking I forgot this movie, because I participated in it 20 years ago ( he laughs) but I am definitely very proud of this experience, to participate in the first Egyptian animated feature movie that was premiered in El Gouna Fillm Festival. On this occasion I remember a funny situation last year they telephoned me and said we want you in The Knight & The Princess animation movie, I told them so sorry I am too busy they said no you have performed your role already ( he laughs).

5-How do you see the feedback on The Knight & The Princess?

The movie achieved booming success when premiered here, the feedbacks I got were extremely postive and destroyed the wrong claim that says ‘’cartoon movies are for kids only’’, the truth is that we enjoy them like kids.

6-There will be part two from Seedy Fe el Gamaa el Americia ( Upper Egyptian in AUC) movie?

Yes this is true , we are currently preparing for this but we are very cautious because part one achieved booming success and was performed 20 years ago. We are working on it and waiting for the greenlight of the producer to start shooting.

7-Tell us more about your recent play "Talat Ayam Fe el Sahel"?

This play achieved booming success that rewarded me after 15 years of hiatus from theater, the play success was not here only but in Saudi Arabia too. Also the Saudi Ambassador in Egypt Osama el Nokaly watched the play expressing his admiration with it.

8-Who is the actor that you wish to work with?

I wish to work with the veteran Yehia el Fakharany, this generation is really great.

9-Tell us more about your new stand-up comedy show entitled 'Henedy Live,' which will be staged in a number of acclaimed theaters in 20 different countries

We are currently preparing for it, ''Henedy live will kick off on Beacon Theatre at New York's Madison Square Garden. This is my first stand-up comedy, I wanted to do this step few years ago because theatre is my ultimate passion.

After New York I will go to Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia, in addition to an Arab tour that will start with Saudi Arabia and moves to the UAE and Kuwait. But when they saw my CV in US, Disney decided to cooperate with me in a project as well, will announce the details soon.

10- There will be part two from Ard el Nefaq ( Land of Hypocrisy) series?

Yes, we decided to present part two from the series on the aftermath of the booming success of part one.



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