Tamer Amin faces accusations of sexism and misogyny



Tue, 27 Aug 2019 - 06:19 GMT


Tue, 27 Aug 2019 - 06:19 GMT

File - Tamer Amin and Rania Elwani.

File - Tamer Amin and Rania Elwani.

CAIRO - 27 August 2019: Famed Egyptian TV presenter Tamer Amin has been and permitted to resume his TV show entitled ''Akher El Nahar'' (End of the Day) on Al Nahar channel.

Amin was accused of misogyny and sexism after insulting the husband of ex-Olympic swimmer, physician, and member of parliament Rania Elwani on the air for co-parenting.

Elwani during her interview with Amin spoke about her personal life and the support that helped her to succeed as a distinguished sports hero, gynecologist , and a politician, giving the credit to her husband for supporting her to succeed in her career.

“She added that In 2004, for instance, he was distrbuting flyers for my parliamentary election campaign,”announcing that her husband was tutoring their children while the interview was being taped.

After Amin started to mock Elwani’s husband and said: “ Tell me about your feeling while preparing tea with milk and tutoring the kids, and staying at home while the doctor is on TV? then she will go to the clinic, then to parliament?”

Then he asked Elwani's husband Dr. Hany about his feeling when he walks across his reception or living room and find Elwani's trophy case with 48 medals and 97 trophies,when his greatest acheivment is winning a backgammon game at the nearby cafe, adding that he doesn’t allow his wife to work.

The National Council for Women d filed a complaint with the Supreme Media Council, accusing Amin with sexism. As a result of this problem it was discovered that he wasn’t registered with Egypt’s Media Syndicate and isn’t a licensed media professional.

Amin’s membership was reinstated after submitting all the needed paperwork.



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